July 28th, 2003

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Vent: I didn't pass? WTF?

So I just took a 6-week course in CSS, online. It was a great course, forced me to read through a CSS book, do all kinds of exercises, and there was great interaction from the instructors the whole way through. Every time I did a project, they review it and have me correct it until it was right, every time I did a review they'd go over my answers with me.

I got through five weeks of it and then for week six, did my review questions, nailed them, then did my two project assignments. The first project assignment I got first try, the second was harder and I had to do edits on it. There are two instructors. The first one helped me get it right by giving me tips on what problem I was having. The second informed me I was missing one particular requirement. I asked for clarification on it, as it didn't make sense to me and there wasn't much in my (4) CSS books that covered the particular requirement. The problem is I didn't recheck on if she'd answered until yesterday. So I check and I *still* didn't get it. So I asked again "How the heck do you want me to include that element?"

Well, today I get my auto-email saying that because I didn't complete *completely* the sixth's week assignment, I "Did Not Pass" and now I have to re-take the class! I wonder, can I just copy all my answers and assignments and hand them in again and just make sure to do the last one right? Or do I have to do it all again? In any case I'll have to pay for it again (although they give you a discount). How fricking *annoying*! The thing is Pass/Fail but I guess they can fail you because *one* assignment (out of a total of like 10) is incomplete in some way? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez! It's not like I just blew it off and didn't do it, I did like 95% of it and then 5% I missed b/c the requirement was tricky and I needed clarification. WTF. This really ticks me off.
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Name that Name

Well, I'm sure everybody's going to do this little quiz-burp...

Wendy is the #115 most common female name.
0.185% of females in the US are named Wendy.
Around 235875 US females are named Wendy!
source namestatistics.com

Darling is the #1931 most common last name.
0.007% of last names in the US are Darling.
Around 17500 US last names are Darling!
source namestatistics.com

Huh, my name is less common than I thought. That would explain the friggin' endless comments on it :)
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Kill count

Well, SpamKiller continues to do well. I'm getting more used to how it works. One feature I like is (until I delete or let it auto-delete) that I have a record of how much spam I've received that's been intercepted.

Here's the count on multiple accounts since Friday night:

Abraxis: 92 spam
Metro Girl #1 (main MG business): 186 spam
Metro Girl #2 (Inception): 0
Metro Girl #3 (Forever): 11

That's around 300 spam I didn't have to deal with.
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ice cream


Well, after posting something to my online course's bulletin board just about groveling, saying I really, really wanted to complete the assignment and didn't want to have to take the course over, got an email from the instructor, did some work, wrote them back and now I have received:

Dear Wendy Darling,

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets class. You can apply for the certificate in the Member Center.

Yay! So I did Pass and can go braggin' at work.
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*giggle* Got milk?

OK, I don't know Spanish so I can't verify if this is accurate reporting, but here's an item from Weird News that just cracked me up!

"A consciousness-raising stunt by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals hit a snag in March at the Palm Springs Middle School in Hialech, Fla., when PETA was informed that its sign in Spanish on its life-size cow prop, reading "Echar la Leche" (translation of their slogan "Dump Dairy") was also slang forn "ejacuate."

He he, I wonder if it was some 13-year-old who spoke up or if they just noticed a lot of the kids at the unveiling poking each other, giggling, and looking embarrassed.
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