July 30th, 2003

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Musical Influences: Siblings

Lately I've been thinking about how I first got into some of my favorite groups and singers and genres, plus just in general, what sort of groups I was first into when I really became aware of my own tastess (as opposed to listening to WHTT and loving all that mid-80s top 40). Since my parents were living about 40 years in the past music-wise, I was pretty heavily influenced by my siblings, who are 7-16 years older than me and thus had large LP / cassette / and (oooh!) CD collections they were kind enough to let me enjoy and/or copy.

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Speaking of siblings...

My email to my siblings saying "Somebody has GOT to do something about painting Mom & Dad's garage and house!" worked. Last weekend my oldest sister and her 14-year-old son came and did the garage. Yay! Now only the house is left. Thank goodness the house has cedar siding and uses stain and not some kind of paint that would flake... probably wouldn't be any paint left!
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Today's Atlanta Cheers & Jeers

Today on my way to work I started doing a catalog of gripes in my head. Things that irritated me about Atlanta. I decided I would write about it. But then I thought, "Don't be so negative, think of the good things too!" (Can you picture the angel and devil duking it out on my shoulders?) Anyway, here is the result:

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Some days I just want to put a big "CLOSED" sign over my life so they will GO AWAY.

My big client of the moment is driving me nutso and meantime, another client haven't heard from in 2 years is suddenly popping up asking for a complete site overall.

And like I don't have other sh*t to do.

I'm thinking of telling the guy I'm booked I can't do any major projects until November. I suspect he is not going to be pleased. Oh WELL!
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OK, call me a 2-year-old but


I am totally sick of my business. At least having it part time. It drives me INSANE that I basically have a whole fucking swarm of people who have basically bought my time and attention and expect it just about all the time. It never ends either! I have a client who is a good guy and conducts his business very professionally with me but what he wants me to do is too hard and it's going to take me MONTHS to complete -- time during which I have OTHER clients who need stuff done. I wish so bad I had never got this contract! I think ahead and he's saying we'll be done by Oct. 1. Do I want to be fussing through all that shit when I've got the book and Grissecon and other things going on. I wish he was like every other client and I could take care of it in two weeks. This has been going on since April and I am TIRED of it. Really tired. We have a homepage so far. Whoop-dee-do. I just wanna cry.

I suspect I should have some PMS Tea right about now, but not ALL this emotion is hormonally driven!

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i'm at this moment right now where i'm an addict *seriously* thinking they've *got* to stop.

just went over caleb's for dinner, thought it would be a nice distraction but no, he was all heavy resentful that he "never sees me," then argued with me over all this stuff, including all this negative bullshit about how i couldn't run my own business. i was like THANKS A LOT since he is the ONLY one against it -- everybody i know in real life and online -- think it's incrdible i DON'T do my biz full time, they all say i would succeed, and there are 30 reasons to do it for ever 1 not to. but caleb is negative and greedy. he's mad because i have no time. well, guess what? me trying to change things is a means to getting more time that i decide what to do with --> he would see me more. what EVER. i swear, why i expect any support from him, i have no idea. it's like squeezing water from a rock.
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Thinking. So OK, if I grabbed some guy on the street and we did the proper paperwork, we could get married tomorrow basically. But if I were a woman who'd been a relationship with another woman for 2 years, 10 yars, 20 years, 30 years... I couldn't.

In the meantime Concerned Women for Americaare concerned that things would never have gotten so bad except for all that "Christian Complacency."