July 31st, 2003

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Feeling relieved

I finally did it. I reached out for HELP and contacted the Georgia State University Small Business Development Center. I've had like a dozen people tell me to talk to them (or the One-Stop Capital Shop) but I keep not doing it. I did it. Yay.
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Worthwhile (might be TMI)

With a big knock on wood...

I will note that the latest keep-Wendy's-system-in-line regimen of hormones is working AWESOME. I have no complaints. In almost two months of taking it, not a single problem and in fact, there seems to be the benefit that I am almost no period. I'd definitley say the $25 was worth it. Hopefully the third time's the charm and no more switching around.

Side note, the stuff's brand name is Cyclessa. That totally sounds like a seductive biker mistress to me!
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Fashion Doodling

Well, the other night Caleb was saying I don't use my artistic skills a lot. Ha. Such as they are, he means. Anyway, got an idea tat lunch about how all the clothes I wear come from all different sources and it's no wonder nobody ever matches me. Most of the stuff I have is either virutally one of a kind or from someplace far away or obscure.

But on to my indulgence...

Think one of those fashion mags that give a price and designer for every last item :)

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Some kind of "5" list

I stole this from some friend of tritium's, don't know where it came from at all...

Sherry Darr Gives Me Five (Answers)

1. What was your favorite year and why?

Hmmm, it was either 1992, the summer I spent in Germany, which totally changed my life, or 1996, which was an interesting year for sure -- my last semester studying at UMass, then a summer in NYC, then the fall in Georgia at UGA. Oh, and I was madly in love with Susy. Years of change.

2. What myth about adulthood did you most cherish as a kid?

Hmmm, cherish? I was more scared of being an adult. For example, thought I would kill myself by the time I was 30. But for myth I cherished... Only thing I can think of is how I didn't think anybody really had sex until they were like 25. But who taught me that myth, I have no idea. Maybe my parents implied it...

3. What is your earliest childhood memory?

Several from about the same time period, really not sure which is the earliest:

- Looking out through the Venetian blinds of my grandmother's apartment in the Bronx, at this really ugly parking deck. (Jeez, what foreshadowing!)

- Getting sick in my crib and very fastiduously pulling up the corner of the rubber sheet, puking, then tucking back the sheet again. I kept dry but Mom was not too happy. (Caleb would say this was foreshadowing of my housekeeping bent.)

- Nightmare about this big pine tree in my backyard luring me out of the sandbox and chasing me around the yard trying to kill me, while my mom watched me and did nothing. (Yeah, some therapist could have a field day with that.)

4. What was the best gift you ever got?

When I was going to Germany at 17, paying for everything myself, at the last moment my parents offered to pay for my ($800) plane tickets so I'd have more money to just have fun.

5. What is the best thing about being married that no one told you about?

Now I wouldn't know that, would I?

P.S. TO jesswired - Thanks buddy for the evening out. I lead such a lonely life, 'tis lovely to socialize and have giggles.
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