August 2nd, 2003

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insomniac that i am, decided i'd be relieved if i tested out my client's home page, the thing that's been driving me crazy. i keep saying to him cutomers will HATE it, esp. if they use modems. well, i just did some mock ups and tests and can give him quantitative figures showing that the design he wants, with the features he wants, will mean customers (and potential customers) with modems will have to wait 4.9 MINUTES for all the possible preview pictures he wants to load. Um, no, that is NOT acceptable. I keep telling him that in emails, he hasn't deigned to show he's noticed. Hopefully I don't get "Why didn't you tell me?" when I reveal this tomorrow at a lunch meeting!
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I shouldn't say so but... Why Clients Suck

THE client wants to talk to me "one on one."

I say OK, call me Wednesday, even forward my calls since I go out to dinner. No call.

Thursday evening I go hang out with jesswired thinking hell, I deserve a break and if client wants to call, he'll leave a message. No message when I come back.

Friday I email client saying "I know you want to talk, do you want me to call you on my mobile this afternoon?" (I don't normally do my biz calls at my other job, but I don't want him feeling put off.)

Friday afternoon, get an email saying "Thanks for your concern" but he'd just as soon call me Saturday morning, 10:30ish, if that's OK. I say "Great, call me!"

Friday evening, get another email from client saying "Hey, I've got a sudden installation emergency with a client, have to go in at like 7, don't know how long I'll be... Oh, and I think we should meet up someplace Downtown again -- that was fun. I'll call you when I'm done with my client."

Saturday it is 1:30!!!!! and I still have not heard from this guy.

Hopefully writing this will make the phone ring b/c I am getting VERY steamed. What, do I wait around for this guy all day? I've been putting together Inception while I wait but still, jeez, I missed morning coffee and I want to go OUT, hell, shoeshopping and stuff, and whatnot. I would ever go and just forward my calls, but he wants to meet Downtown so I shouldn't leave the area. Ack!

ADDENDUM: It's almost 3 and he has still not called me!!!!! WTF? As if I already wasn't annoyed with him, THIS is really pissing me off! Obviously he does not realize that when I have a client who seems anxious to talk and tells me a time they WILL call and makes it clear they are so EAGER to do so, I take that seriously!!!!! I told him I'd probably be at home all day, but I didn't think he'd take that as "I'll just call WHENEVER!"

This sucks! Caleb and Daniel have just left on their week-long trip up north, meaning I am ALONE and should be doing whatever I want. But because I am so god-damned conscientious, here I am STILL waiting. I haven't even eaten today except some bread. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaargh. *head explodes*
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really long, really scary

i've been meaning to post this article i found. wow. if you are frustrated and feel like politics isn't just not going your way, this could explain why -- without blaming it just on one side.

The Do Nothing Strategy: An Expose of National Progressive Politics
—By Karyn Strickler, Progressive Consulting Group

i used to read utne reader a lot, then it started to just irritate me, mainly the choice of themes and it got to much into "lifestyle" coverage.
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spam update

so in just 8 days, spamkiller, my anti-spam software, has caught:

259 spam on abraxis account
528 on my wendy @ account
23 total for 3 other accounts

damn, that thing is a timesaver. just think, i would have had to bother with those suckers before. yay!

p.s. i am using my "exercise" icon b/c i still haven't used it since i created it.
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