August 5th, 2003

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Good idea! plus late-night associative thinking...

The Queer Eye guys are schedule to go on The Tonight Show and makeover Jay Leno!

Look, I'm not making this up.

Meanwhile, trivia: Jay Leno is probably the best-known product of my hometown of Andover, MA. In fact, in high school I was awarded a $250 college scholarship, funded by Leno, for my achievement in creative writing (huh, surprise there!). (Of course, I still would prefer if another Andover boy, Paul Monette, were better known, because he was just an outstanding man and wrote one of the greatest collections of essays I've ever read, Last Watch of the Night.)
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ice cream

look, up there, it's "tall" magazine!

now, i think this is pretty cool. and the article makes some interesting comments on height and to what extent it defines a person, influences others' perceptions, what obstacles there are. although i still have to say, the writer doesn't get it. you have to be there to get it.

...btw, shortest person in my immediate family is 5'9". we tease her. he he. actually my sister-in-law is probably around 5'4" but since my brother is 6'6" it averages :)
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Not like my mind tries to think up dumb things to occupy itself with, but last night I was seirously considering doing an inventory/count of all my clothing that is either black or black and white. It is SO wrong, but I want to do it. I was going to list everything but underwear and socks. I think there are probably like 20 black COATS alone! How many velvet/like pieces I have no idea... But I want to know!
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Urban assault w/o vehicle

It's a good thing I'm a hardened urbanite.

Today I was waiting on North Avenue, munching on my lunch while waiting for my ditzy boss to pick me up. She'd dropped me off while she ran an errand, and I had her lunch too, in a bag beside me.

Well, first off these two... well, let me just say "street characters" since I really can't say if they were homeless or crazy or recovering from such. Soon as I looked up, I knew "here comes trouble." Sure enough, got the leer, the coming-too-close effect, and then the "You wouldn't buy a sandwich for two homeless guys, would you? We'll split it!" I said no because the bottom line is, I never give out money or food to anyone on the street EVER. I don't care WHAT they say or how they look either, I just don't. (If you were approached by people a few dozen times a day you wouldn't either.)

Anyway, those guys moved on but up comes something even worse. This time the guy is definitely of the crazy homeless variety, as demo'd by extremely eccentirc clothes, dreadlocks pointed in a dozen directions and a stink that could be smelled at 10 feet. Anyway, he's going past me and I'm just eating my lunch thinking to myself that only a few people on the street actually have any real style, like he does... and then he suddenly STOPS, comes up close right in my face, looks me in the eye really pissed off and says "What is WRONG with you?! You stay wrong like that, acting like that, then some man is going to come along here and KILL you! I'm not kidding, it'll happen." And then he walked off.

Gack! At least nobody's flashed me - yet. Knock on wood.

And anybody who says I'm callous... Don't even go there. We spend a LOT of time dealing with this problem in my neighborhood and it's NOT all whining, it's a lot or outreach and interaction and campaigning and reaching for understanding. BUT I have every right to be fucking pissed off at times.
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Daniel's cat

So I'm taking care of malibran's cat while he is up north with Caleb. That cat loves me. I think anyway. Isn't that what it means when they won't stop licking you? I mean, today Pugsley (yes, he once had a sibling named Wednesday) was licking my armpit! Must really like salty sweat, I guess. Pugsley also thinks I am the best cat groomer in the world because I just brush and brush him. Heck, I can't help it because he's a Maine Coon cat and he sure needs brushing! LOL. Today I had fun with him, playing with his favorite toy, which Daniel either bought as a cat toy or from a fetish shop (so often, you can't tell), this bunch of red and black feathers bunched on the end of this thing that's like a riding crop. Cat goes BANANAS of that. Oh, I had him flipping over himself, spinning on the floor, falling off the couch, and I think he jumped a whole 1/2 inch of the floor, no mean feat for a cat so huge :) He was happy enough with me that today, when I left, he didn't bite me on the ankles like last time, meowing "Don't mmmmmweeewoggggggooo!"
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Cat pic

This, BTW, is Daniel's cat. This picture was taking at our neighborhood festival in May, when Daniel (as he sometimes does) had Pugsley out on a leash. It so happened another person was there with their *bunny* also on a leash. They had a pic taken together but Pugsley really just wanted to get away. As Daniel subtitled this pic when he posted it to his LJ, "What kind of cat is scared of a bunny?" (Answer: A really wussy cat who never leaves Daniel's little condo except when he goes out to face cute bunnies, very large dirty pigeons and scary streetpeople.)

And yes, that is Daniel in the pic and yes, that is a tattoo. (Everyone asks that. No, it's not magic marker, he he.)
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