August 6th, 2003

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Today could have gone one of two ways.

The first way, I could have served jury duty for Fulton County. Turns out all stand-by jurors were dismissed and I didn't even have to report.

So I had to go the second way, to work, and attend an EIGHT-(FUCKING)-HOUR meeting!!!!! On the re-do of our (fucking) accounting system!!!!!

A few thoughts and comments on this experience, which bubbled up during the course of this horrendously long day.

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Just *damn*, you know!
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Wednesday Whimsy

As you might guess from my last entry, I am not in a particularly whimsical mood and the theme of today, 3 things that annoy the crap out of you, is not really encouraging whimsy either. Nevertheless, I will persevere. After all, all day I had to be quiet, now I can just gush!

1. People offering me rides. This is not *always* bad (like Jess offering to drive to Teaspace, OK, sensible) but 9/10 of the time the offer is from some person who has some idea that I am sooooooooooooooooo underprivileged, inconvenienced and burdered by not driving and "Oh, wouldn't it be nice to help this poor, misguided girl." And what really bugs me is when I accept, it almost always ends up that driving actually makes me LATE or is more unpleasant or inconvenient that walking/bus/MARTA would ever be. That just *burns* me up!!!!!

2. People coming up to me on the street and saying "Hey, hey, I don't mean nothing, don't be scared, but can I just ask you a question..." (Yes, this relates to my post about being harrassed by street people.)

3. Here in Atlanta, people referring to Midtown (or even Buckhead) as "Downtown." This is something you get a lot from suburban types who think anywhere with buildings over the height of a standard office park is "Downtown" although in fact they would be too scared to go to the actual Downtown.

Yep, these things bug me.
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report on the boys

well, caleb has called my twice today; apparently it's the start of t-mobile phone month and he has minutes again.

he and daniel were in boston today. daniel is enjoying it, so caleb said. wish i was there, as usual. daniel also enjoyed albany, which they drove through on i think sunday. also wish i was there.

now they're driving back to vermont, on route 2. they were in greenfield, ma, and i reminded them to think of all the good vegetarian food produced there (if you ever look at labels on frozen vegetarian foods like gardenburgers, "chik" meat, etc., you will note that *much* of it's from greenfield).

so they get the whole "route 2 at night" experience. it's just a really dart east-west highway running along the top of massachusetts with small little towns, most of which are poor and seem to hold some twisted secrets a la "dunwich horror" (which i always thought was on route 2).

i don't know what their plan is for tomorrow. maybe they'll go to northampton?!
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