August 7th, 2003

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Well, here goes!

About to go off for another fun day of accounting system overhaul marathon meeting.

My sleep was OK, although I only got six hours of it. At the tail end I was having some very strange dream that was like a VC silly with Lestat in love with his cat or something.

I woke up and for the third or fourth day in a row, both my calves felt like they were have "charlie horse echos." I remember having had a c.h. a few days ago, since it woke me up, but don't know why it still hurts. Ugh.

Must go, be on time today and right off the bat, have 2 cups of coffee.
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Today my supervisor let me out of the meeting early!

Actually today wasn't quite so bad, since it was project planning, which normally is my most hated task but which is infinitely preferable (so I have learned) to lengthy discussions of accounting systems. So I only had to deal with it until 2:15 and by then the group was breaking up into sub-groups and there wasn't anything for me to really focus on... and I got let out.

I'm at my regular officenow, where I'm going to catch up on email and follow-up tasks related to the meeting, but I'm going home early. Maybe I'll even manage a bath before Jess calls. I have horrible charlie horses and am hoping heat will make them better.

Oh, and a P.S. is, I figured out that meeting yesterday was actually NINE hours, not eight. Jeez.
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