August 12th, 2003

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as if fox news doesn't suck enough...

they want to sue al franken and the penguin book group over the use of "fair and balanced" in the title of al's upcoming book

first off, the fact they think they control that phrase is nuts, second the fact they copywrighted the phrase a few years ago is more nuts, and third off, if anyone should be copyrighting that phrase, it should not be fox news!


on a related note, yesterday i was on the bus going by those two huge fox news billboards that sit across from cnn headquarters and was wondering how i could take a picture of them. they are just sick. jesswired mentioned to me he was thinking a paintgun could do wonders for them but oh, fox would just come up with an even more heinous billboard :(
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Thank you, Mr. Firewall

I just checked the "event log" for my personal firewall at home and as I suspect, since Sunday there have been about 50 attempts to hijack my Port 135. Attempts which were not successful. This is good since that's the port that damn WORM is going after! Oh, THANK YOU, McAfee, you are currently saving my home PC from viruses, network attacks AND spam!
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Aw, shucks...

OK, so this client of mine drives me nuts because he is really demanding... of my time... at a time which really isn't very convenient for me. However, sometimes there are perks (besides money), like the following email, which I just received in my inbox:

I love the product page design!!! I'm working on some revisions,
and will be back with you once I'm complete. This is going to be a
terrific marketing tool by the time we get done with it. Thanks for the

Aw, man, YES! Good! Cool!

On a related note, the other day I took some initiative and proposed to my boss and supervisor that our department hurry out another edition of our department's electronic newsletter, which has been languishing. Well, they both thought it was a great idea so I got started and had the whole thing done in about, oh, 2 hours. On our project budget, each edition is supposed to take 7 hours just to put together (because some people, not I, are slow writers)! LOL. So I posted the prototype and sent it to boss by email late afternoon. I came in the next day and there's a sticky note on my keyboard that says "Wendy, you are SO good!" And my supervisor, whe she reviewed the email note I composed to go out to everyone in GTRI (somewhere around 1200 people), said to me "You are a goddess!"

And Caleb says I can't EVER talk about positive things. OK, maybe this is just bragging but I feel pretty good that even in this totally frazzled state, I can still get stuff done in a not-half-assed way.
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