August 13th, 2003

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Things that make me go OOOOOhhhh Nooooo

Puppy with ucky dragging injuries being dumped at animal shelter.

I guess this shows whoever did it had SOME conscious, although obviously didn't want to be culpable.

My brother had a dog, a kind of beagle / basset hound mix, that had been dropped off at a shelter in Vermont, dead of winter. Rather than taking the dog to the building, somebody had just tied her to the mailbox at the end of the long, rural driveway. Luckily somebody spotted the shivering dog as they were leaving.

Of course why the dog thing gets to me when this stuff happens to PEOPLE all over all the time... that bears thought for sure. It is true, though, that at least once a day I read a story about some person or see something on TV that makes me just go "Oh, noooooo..." (And no, I don't mean stories about Bush. That count is up way higher than once a day.)

Sorry, rambling. Must go bed. Night.
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ice cream

i wanna do cartwheels

very quick entry: got a copy of the writers of the storm wraeththu fan fic anthology and i am SO excited!!!!!!!! the book is so beautiful and there are all these lovely stories (including mine) and illustration in it, intro by storm in support of fan fiction. oooooh, i am FLIPPING OUT!

now i must bake pizza. i wish the book could read itself out loud, how am i going to knead the dough and read at the same time!

here is the book, btw
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