August 15th, 2003

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*grumble* stupid mortage company

well, after starting the whole refinance process in june, having an appraisal, etc., my loan is finally all set -- so a message on my voicemail says. yay!

then yesterday i get another messagee telling me they've set up my closing appointment and give me an address and phone for the attorney.

i get a bad feeling right away because the number is 770, the suburbs. then when i get home and punch in the address, it doesn't come up... in atlanta. finally this morning i spent all this time trying to find a listing for the attorney, except the woman who left the message couldn't pronounce it right... so finally i did a reverse lookup. aaaaargh! the stupid place is in STOCKBRIDGE! in henry county! not only is this 25 miles away (which is like INFINITELY far if you don't drive!) but it's not accessible by marta and it's not like i'll take a cab there.

i am going to call the mortgage company today and see what accommodation they are willing to make for me. i would like them to either come to my house or meet me somewhere in the city. if they don't go for it, i guess i can threaten them with "oh, i guess somebody's not getting any closing fees since i'm cancelling the deal."

i swear, there are only 8 billion closing attorneys in atlnata, they have to pick one way the hell out in the booneys! plus, they didn't even ASK me!

i'm sure they'll be able to fix (one would hope) but all the same, i am anxious.
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ow, my knee!

just deserts

so we had a double babyshower for two women in my office who are due this fall. i helped prep the room, doing decorations, laying out foods, arranging the furniture. the whole office conducted an elaborate conspiracy to trick the women into going to a fake meeting so it would be a surprise. another woman came up with games and that was a laugh, although that "guess the baby food" game grossed me out because just thought *thought* of such mushy food revolts me. (i kept saying "we don't have to eat this if we lose, do we?") the women loved their gifts, including the ones i got (georgia tech baby clothes, he he).

then i got my just deserts. everybody was really hungry and when they said we could eat i was near the table so i popped up and then WHOOMP i wiped out BIG time. my shoes are a little big and have real latex soles that *stuck* on the carpet. i basically toppled over like a big tree! i didn't fall on my face but came down on my knees and hands really hard. the floor is carpeted concrete. as soon as i hit i knew i was ok, i just flipped over and got to my feet quickly so the whole CROWD of people wouldn't fuss over me (i hate that), then saw i'd skinned the one knees really bad. ughhhh. so then i left and cleaned myself off, taking off my stockings, washing up, and came back to find i was the END of the line for food. darn!

my knee didn't hurt for while but then it started to feel stiff and stingy. right now i have a bag of ice tied onto my knee with my pantyhose ;)
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