August 16th, 2003

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knee is doing better. all night long, that yellow stuff that forms scabs oozed out and now the scrape is almost "sealed," though not quite. this morning i tried to wash off all the lint and stuff stuck in it. it'll be a whole while before it heals properly, as i tend to heal very slowly. surprisingly, there's no black and blue yet, which i thought there might be.

lotsa pages

madame_mercredi and i are in our last weeks of editing our book and i have to say, i'm impressed. she just sent me two more chapters that are nearly in their final state and after adding one to the final document, i see the novel is up to about 92,000 words. once i add on the other one, it'll be over 100,000 and then we have two more chapters. so this is certainly no "novella." whoo hoo, gonna be a chunky book!

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