August 17th, 2003


more coverage: cover

in more book-related news, i got a copy of the draft of the cover art and although i don't know what my co-author thinks, i personally am in *love* with it. i opened the file thinking "oh, please, be good, be good" and then when i saw it, i was like "no way, that is AWESOME!"

it is one sexy, sexy cover! my mom is going to be like, "what is this, porn?" (my answer: "well, no, but there is a whole bunch of sex in it, he he!) let's just say, there is a lot of skin and it ain't covered.

i don't think i can post it yet, since it's under development and there are probably some contractual/legal things that say i shouldn't, so i'm waiting 'til the book has an actual cover. pant, pant, pant, though, it's very nice, imho! definitely a cover you'd give a second and third glance :)
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I had fun today

I was chatting with madame_mercredi earlier today about how I really didn't do much today and she came back with "well, that's how it's supposed to be, it's the weekend." This cracked me up because I know it's true but really the way I am, with all the projects I'm working on, I normally think of the weekend more of "Yeah, I have some free time and sure, no office work, but look at all that time for doing stuff, i.e. work!"!

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how appropos

i did the haiku thing again. rather than paste the code in, here is the haiku... ha! which seems to be summing up a trashy fag:

around a man who
is gay or not but don't come
off like a world class
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entropy & other cleaning musing

isn't it fascinating how you can

**totally wreck an apartment*** in a couple hours (directions: cook a meal, change your clothes a few times, get something out of the closet, do some office work... and leave remains of said activity on floor/bed/counter)

but yet it

**takes a whole freakin' weekend** to clean up the mess? (weekend work made worse by fact that total wrecking of apartment may take place over course of a few days and/or may take place more than once... before you get around to addressing it.)

my worst enemy is clothes and shoes. they gravitate to the floor. i don't like anything to do with floors. they are so... low! if the floor was at waist-level, i would keep a cleaner house. (backup for for that theory, i often leave clothes on the counter in my bathroom, since i'm more likely to put them away.)

good news: cleaning is ovah.
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