August 18th, 2003

ice cream

Auntie Wendy

OK, special treat for me yesterday and now you all checking out my LJ...

May I present Julianna & Will, brother and sister chillin' in their backyard pool in Sturbridge, Mass.

Of course, there are some notes to be made about this picture.

For example, to me it strikes me as pretty amazing Will is on that pool float, considering he is severely disabled. Cool!

I do wish my sister had put *him* in a lifevest too, though. I know he can't really move much (he has less muscular control than an infant, even though he's 5) but still, he *might* and it bugs me!

And isn't Julianna a little cutie! She's around a year and a half, I think. Looks like a living Gerber baby from the 30s, every time I've seen her.
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