August 19th, 2003

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well, my office just got some variant of that worm.

and now all my freakin' programs are breaking. eudora (mail) doesn't work (can't access folders), ie can't do javascript, i can't copy/paste from any microsoft application (yeah, that's a pain), word is giving me odd errors...

boy, it's going to be such a productive day!
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ice cream

My Din Din

Poll #170328 Potatoes

I just had a *plate* of baked potatoes (3) and mushroom gravy for dinner. Your reaction:

Ewww, mushrooms!
You sloth! What kind of dinner is that?!
Did you eat it with anything *else*?
Sounds OK, maybe not for everyday but OK
Cool, do you have leftovers? I'm drooling!

I'm sure Caleb would say was a "sin," as it violates several rules of his, chiefly the "no *one* thing for dinner" rule. It also had soy and Worcestershire sauce in it, i.e. salt.
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One of Us?

I just saw this commecial for Coor's that had these guys singing this song "Guys' Night Out." For some reason, the song is now stuck in my head, only I've changed it to "God's Night Out" and keep picturing God at a bar drinking a beer, trying to pick up chicks or something. Jeez, I don't need to dream to think weird.
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earthly mysteries

why is it that if you have a cut or bruise anywhere on your body, even someplace safe where it won't be bumped, you ended up bumping it like crazy or having to do things that hurt it? yes, i understand it's only because we're in pain that we notice these things, but holy moly did i WHAM! my knee tonight. caleb came into my office saying he and daniel were leaving and for some reason i decided to spin my chair really fast and jam my knee right into the desk. i screeched and swore!!!!! plus, i keep having to have to kneel or get stuff down low, which I can't really do well right now.

the knee scab is doing ok. it's at this stage where it's gotten thick and keeps cracking because it's on my joint. therefore it's still quite sore and sometimes oozy. yum, hope you're not eating...
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