August 21st, 2003

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Even I agree this constitutes sin & sloth

I think today might constitute a new low for me in terms of bad diet. I didn't have breakfast food in the house and a meeting made me miss lunch and...

Breakfast: Iced mocha coffee, double-chocolate muffin.

Lunch, Part 1: Chocolate soy milk, pretzels

Lunch, Part 2: Chocolate soy milk, cheese & peanut butter cracker snack pack, Snickers bar

So what do I have for dinner? Chocolate ice cream? Truffles? Maybe a chocolated malted?

Sometimes I am *so* good but UGHHHHH why did I do this???!!!
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sideview, obamame_sideview

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somebody doesn't like my idea of hell. well, sorry folks, when i decided to narrow down my choices of 9 sinners, i couldn't exactly fit everybody else's villains. bah.

and on a related note... i don't like anonymous posters unless they put their name and are anonymous b/c they aren't lj members.