August 25th, 2003

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If you go to and run a search for Wendy Darling (or click on my name from a listing) I now come up associated with for books -- Breeding Discontent (BD) and the three books I've edited for Immanion Press. Whoo hoo!

Meanwhile I'm trying to get BD listed with and launched a bit of a mini-campaign for that yesterday, asking people to hit the old "please offer this book" link so maybe they'd actually make it available.

Those who'd like to buy the book directly from Immanion Press can do that too using their PayPal account. Pretty nifty!

Finally... Everything but the final chapter has been sent in final format to Storm as of this afternoon, so she'll start on line-editing soon. madame_mercredi and I just have to get the final chapter (first draft completed Saturday) cleaned up and then we are basically (drumroll, please.....) done with this puppy!
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Elementary school tidbits

Out of that dream from last, I have an urge to compile a list of rather quirky habits I used to have during that time -- the ones associated with school.

  • School started at 8:45 a.m. I lived about a mile away. I really should have left around 8:20 so I could have a relaxed walk and hang out before school, but I never did that because there was always something good on TV at 8. It's odd, but one of the reasons I walk so fast today is because I really liked watching re-runs of "F Troop."
  • Used to get very irritated with how the school made all the "walkers" wait in the cafeteria to all leave at the same time. I always wanted to just "take off" -- kind of the point of walking, isn't it?
  • On the walk home every day, speed walked because I wanted to be at the front of the pack, so I wouldn't be slowed down by anybody and wouldn't have to deal with the other kids. Plus, I'd get home first!
  • All through elementary school (and I believe in my middle school too), my mom always had me come to school the day after the last day, so I could help the teachers clean up. Of course, this always worked out well because although I was a terror as far as the classroom, the teachers really liked me and they always ended up giving me presents, like leftover craft supplies, candy... I remember Mrs. LaMontagne took me over to Lawrence and got me some Famous Lawton's Hot Dogs, then we went to her house, which was filled with really cool metal sculpture. And everybody thought I was all about being a goodie two-shoes!
  • By the time I was in 6th grade, my bedtime was 1:30 a.m. My sister Betty moved back in the house around 1986 and had her own TV in her room. I'd go in there with her around 11 and we'd watched the local news, Carson, then Letterman. (And no, this was not the reason I was late for school, he he.)

That's all for now. I guess those are more quick anecdotes than quirks but there they are, preserved.
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How long is a novel?

Well, it's not 100% complete and final, since we're still working on the final chapter and Storm is doing line-editing right now, but it looks like Breeding Discontent is going to wind up being around 116,000 words! That's around 340 pages double-spaced in 12 pt. Times Roman. Definitely not a novella, he he.

I already decided months ago my next phase so far as writing is going to be short stories. Darn, but that will be quite refreshing. And much easier to edit. If you want to know what writing and editing a novel is like, try grabbing both ends of a mile-long snake and you'll see what I mean :>) I guess it could be worse though. It could be a thesis. Eeek!
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