August 26th, 2003

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*sniff* *sob* *awwww*

Susy just wrote me most wonderful email. She had a dream about me and wanted to tell me and go over all our old memories and friendship and love. She still loves me, will always love me. That doesn't mean, and probably doesn't mean, that we are meant to actually be together, but that doesn't hurt me so much. Especially not when Susy comes up with her usual incredibly poetic prose, such as:

And my dreams are there to remind me to hold onto that if not as a seed to plant into a tree that will one day serve as shade to me when my reality is another one, so that we don't have to count on the physical presence of those we love and once loved us to remember that there is love in this world...My uncle Franco, whom I just saw in June, planted a little tree in elementary school on national tree day. Thirty-something years later, it shades his Mom's house, the delicate leaves almost enter her window. Of course she didn't live there when he planted it all those years ago. How would he know what its fate would be? But he planted it with love, thinking that one day it might be a happy tree. This is just an example of how what we planted years ago, may well serve us (and others) long into our old age, without even having intended it. Good things grow without us sometimes... and they love us back with all the courage that we had when we loved once long ago... love doesn't die at least...

And I sometimes wonder why I have these inflated expectations for what kind of people I want to love...
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Battle cry meme

I think I should use this next time I get in a fight with Caleb!

He he.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Yea, verily: Who is that, running amidst the plains! It is Wiebke, hands clutching a reflective halberd! She grunts thunderously:

"I'm going to flog you with such zeal, your screams will reanimate the dead!!!"

Find out!
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not like i haven't said or implied such before but...

...i really do not like the present federal administration.

fun news items from ny times* about mega deficits caused by you-know-who and his bright friends' ideas...

and ok, arguments can be made, politicians at top don't make the economy but HELLO they make up programs that burn $$$ and some ignore concept of balanced budgets sooo...

* ny times requires user reg. but it's free and oh so handy