August 27th, 2003

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This and that

This has been a very "this and that" past few days. I keep having all these odd, random thoughts and happening going on, but nothing big to write about. In that spirit, some bits and pieces to share:

  • Monday I sent in the BD manuscript to Storm! It's everything but the final chapter, which madame_mercredi and I are still working on. I was so pleased to have that out for line-editing finally! Plus Gabby says the cover is nearly done, probably going to see the final (or we hope final!) version next week.
  • Last night I did some Immanion Press work, editing the introduction to the Wraeththu RPG. One thing I learned is that as I suspected, probably RPGs are just not my thing. I think I would enjoy writing the books behind them (in fact, I'm going to be helping them), but playing them sounds like it would only work if I were completely drunk and tired and tied down. I am not much of a "game" person... anything with dice or cards just irritates me. Only games I like are word games adn trivia games. I'd much rather write a story on my own than fool around with a group doing an RPG. Ah, well, this was simply paid proofing work, so what the heck.
  • This morning I got a query from a "Quillian Metargem" wanting to have Immanion Press (Storm's press) look at a manuscript of his. He wrote to me because I'm on the IP web site as an editor and I guess he didn't read the submissions guidelines. Anyway, got the query and passed it along, wondering what to do with it and Gabby said for me to ask for it so I can review it. Hmmm, seems like I have more responsibility than I thought. The thing does sound interesting, so I'm pleased: Title is "Beastiae Gastronomica" and he describes it as "fantasy one similar in style to the 'Gnomes' or Froud's 'Faeries' books, only with a little more grisly black humor." Hmmmm!
  • Been rereading 2003 edition of Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit. I read that a couple of years ago already and was actually the proofing editor for that... but I still love it. What a nice rewrite! Juicy, juicy stuff!
  • Today as I left work, I took my PalmPilot out of its "cradle" and turned it on to enter something... only to realize it wouldn't work. After checking, realized back of case had broken. This isn't covered by warantee so I had to buy a replacement. I thought about upgrading to a Zire or some kind that would do wireless, but the model I have now was on $40-off sale so I went with that. I'm happy with what I have, so no need to spend $100 more on some "cool" / "latest greatest" model.
  • Waiting for bus after work, felt like I was at the bottom of a toxic waste dump or giant stinky trash can. Atlanta has a "Code Orange" smog day and it was so hot and the air was so bad. My bus stop is like a block from the Downtown Connector... ew! Cough!
  • Had dinner at this new Cuban place right around the corner from me. A lot of my neighbors were there. It was OK, service was very slow because this was there first meal EVER. The highlight of the night was when Caleb and I explored the nearby alley afterward :)
  • Tomorrow morning I'm supoposed to have my mortgage refinance closing. Happily, I was able to arrange for it all to be done by "mailer." The closing law firm the mortgage company picked is way the heck down in Stockbridge. Hopefully that's all painless and I can figure out where to sign and what (if any) additional money I have to cough up.
  • Dragon*Con's this weekend -- whoo hoo! I am stoked! I'm going to mainly writing/publishing tracks. I'm also doing PR for Immanion Press (have a flyer for first two W. books and BD), maybe trying to sells a couple copies of Writers of the Storm, and then a story of mine is going to be in the Outworlders' story anthology. And there's a Outworlders party too of course.
  • This weekend my family is all getting together at sister Betty's house for my dad's 70th birthday. Yeah, I will not be there, though it's not just because of Dragon*Con. Mainly I'm annoyed because once again, nobody told me these plans until the last second (this past weekend). Sigh. At least I found him a gift and it's on the way!

*sputter* Darn! More stuff than I thought, it seems!
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