August 28th, 2003



I am still puzzling over the name of this author whose book query I'm dealing with: Quillian Metargem. He signed his last email with Q.L.Metargem. To me, that sounds like a Storm Constantine character (e.g. Burying the Shadow or Silverheart or something) or even a name Anne Rice would come up with. At least I do know Quillian is a real name, since Caleb has a client or business associate who is very "old Atlanta" and has that name. I think he goes by Quill for short.

He's supposed to email me soon with it...
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Kind of a washout

Well, today's been kind of a washout, althugh there have been, it's true, some highlights.

Today was one of those days where I stayed home to supposedly telecommute and await a very important UPS package (my mortgage closing), but I didn't bring home the right stuff so I only did an hour of work before one.

Not that I didn't get anything done, however! I was able to take care of a lot of miscellaneous tasks, including setting up a new web hosting account and sending and picking up an order of 400 Immanion Press flyers for Dragon*Con. I also got a great email from Storm saying how pleased she is with our BD manuscript. I followed up on that with some instant-messenging and things are still looking good, with final manuscript being stitched together and final-edited in plenty of time for printing to take place in time for the convention. Whoo hoo!

After all that, I headed up to Caleb's work so his co-worker Betsy could serve as notary on all the documents. I had do sign around 50 documents and initialize like 100. Ugh. But she didn't charge for the notary service and Caleb was my witness. I send it back via UPS drop-off at Tech Square and hopefully that is the end of THAT! From now on, I have just *one* check to write a month and I won't ever get hit with a huge lump-sum property taxes either, since I got escrow built in to take care of that. (I'm getting excited because, combined with the fact that once I'm self-employed I will start filing quarterly returns, this now means I will hopefully never get hit with giant "gotcha" tax bills.)

I've now been in the office a couple of hours, took care of a bunch of not-very-important bits of business, am going home in a minute. It's POURING out. I have sandals on, ow, I'm going to get very wet feet, but at least I keep a parapluie at work :)
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Nasty things!

So today I dealt with a) Network Solutions, b) a mortgage company, c) a law firm, d) the irs, and e) City of Atlanta and Fulton County tax commissions. All but encounter a) were actually pretty pleasant!

Network Solutions just confuses the crap out of me. Apparently a ton of domains set up through Interland, with NS as the domain registrar, are registered in such a way that I can't actualy update the contact information, like if it's wrong or needs to be switched. I've never actually run into any domain/DNS snafu that I couldn't work my way out of (I even resolved an international dispute involving a publishing company!) but I stil wish I could get that stuff squared away. Mark that as something to do during my downtime when I "make the jump" to Metro Girl living come January.
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