August 31st, 2003

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Attn.: Celeb sightings and other fun stuff

You know how sometimes you see something and you say "Man, I wish so-and-so was here, they would be in cardiac arrest!" Well, that's how I was TWICE tonight, thinking of two celebs I saw I think my LJ friends would appreciate.

(Addendum/Warning: Daniel refutes the story immediately below this (see his comments), and hell, he wasn't drinking so he should know. Anyway, I still say if it wasn't him, it was a super DUPER clone.)

First was, I'm not kidding, Jude Law, who was standing 15 feet away from me at the this club, having an opening night. I was on the VIP list thingy and it was only after I'd gotten completely wasted on some special drink and gone all out with dancing and settled like a puddle into a chair that Caleb said to me, "Jude Law is here." Well, yeah, he was like THERE. I am happy to report the man is quite well put together and exhudes, even without the makeup and stagelights of a movie. (Mind you, I didn't like get ID or anything, but if it really wasn't him, then I am completely blind and there is a Jude twin. But am pretty sure it was.) Whoah!

Around 11:30 or something, I was kind of "over" the club and decided to go back to Dragon*Con to see this concert set for midnight. I went over expecitng to hear this band the Cruxshadows but darn it, typical D*C style, the schedule was way beyond and I was stuck listening to a band fronted by SPIKE! Yeah, like James Marsters! It was Ghost of the Robot. I have to say, while it was cool to see him (esp. up on the big monitors where you could see his muscles and stuff) and he had a good stage present, the band was not very impressive. It was really very... collegian. As if this wasn't bad enough, they didn't get done until 12:30 and then went into a sucky encore. Considering Cruxshadows were scheduled for midnight, I did some math and figured that after set-up, it'd be like 1:30 until they get on. So instead of waiting (which I was too drunk and tired for), I left and went and bought the C's CD. I really just wanted to sample them to know if I wanted to get a CD. I thought from listening to the music playing at their booth, I would, but you know, I wanted a free hear. But I got a CD instead and headed home. Lots of catcalls from the cruising crowd and finally I was home.

I guess winding back the day, mainly it was all Dragon*Con. Was nicely dressed up, did some shopping, only went to one workshop. Hung out at Outworlders booth. I like The Mark, that club, it was nice. I just need to not get that "special drink" that bartender made me: vodka, Frangelico, Kahlua, in a BIG glass... Damn, it's like a sledgehammer hit me. Just about as bad as a chocolate martini.
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wow, go kidneys & liver, go

i think that after like 4 hours, my body is finally throwing off affects ot that drink. damn!

i was thinking tonight, it's a good thing i was brought up in a mainly alcohol free environment b/c alcohol is just obviously a bit dangerous with me.

also... thank goodie i don't drive.
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well, both daniel and caleb are now saying they were just kidding when they said it was jude law there. of course, it figures that was my INITIAL reaction and in the back of my head, i kept thinking "oh, i hope they're not kidding" but no... i didn't ask. it doesn't even matter about me being drunk... i would have believed them even if i was sober. grrrrrr!
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