September 3rd, 2003


You know your mom is a geek when...

...she's passing on alerts on some kind of nefarious Microsoft plot involving the next version of MSN Messenger...

...she calls you up and you end up discussing code for an hour...

...she sends you links to web consulting software sites...

...she asks you to bring your macromedia cd's when you visit home, so she can reinstall the version she lost last time she rebuilt her machine...

...she sends you critiques of your web sites that includes tweaks of your css code.

of course, my mom is pretty unique in all this since she's 67!!!!!

(after around 25 years as a housewife and 5 kids, she went back to school in the early 80s and got an associate's in computer science and has been gettier geekier year after year, even worse since she retired from the computer industry.)

and we wonder where i get it from -- not!
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where's my camera?!

so i was idly messing with my silly putty here at work, poking it with my finger, when suddenly there on my desk i recognized a familiar shape. i poke it some more and i kid you not, i made a pieta, a.k.a. mary and jesus! it's still sitting here and it's too bad silly putty always reforms into glop. i guess it could put it in the fridge, but silly putty is so weird, who knows what would happen.

meantime i'm supposed to go have "the talk" with my boss sometime soon, my supervisor says, but i'm putting it off. psyching myself up, but still putting it of :(
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Still waiting to tell him

I was going to have "the talk" with my boss about leaving in January but wouldn't you know it, he was in a rather irritated, testy mood all afternoon (quite atypical!) so I had to hold off. Well, I didn't *have* to hold off, but I'm a woman and sensitive and all that, so I decided, "You know, I want him in a *good* mood when I tell him... not all PMSing!"

It was weird actually, because I told my supervisor yesterday and she in turn told the head of our software department, who is also sort of my supervisor. Today he took me aside and congratulated me, said he'd be sad to see me go, etc. I was kind of high on that and thought "OK, now it's Tom's turn" but Tom was spazzing about a) MS Exchange not working again and losing his mail, b) new furniture coming in, and c) who knows what else. He was running in and out of the office, grumbling... And I'm waiting for some moment when he's calm in the office.

Finally I'm checking my voicemail and he sees me and makes this "Can we talk when you're off the phone?" hand gesture. So I finish up and a couple minutes later, go into his office. I'm thinking "Oh, he knows already, he's just forcing me to talk." Well, in fact, he looked surprised I was there. "You rang?" I said. (No, actually I'm lying, I didn't use those words.) He said it was just something about the furniture and then he got very atypically flustered and made a pissy comment. Very, very odd for him. This is a guy in his early 60s, BTW, very much a parent figure, very solid, not by any stretch of the imagination an irritable person, a mean person, an aggressive person. But he was just all moody or something... Eeek!

I hope I can pin him down tomorrow because I can't WORK when I have something like this on my chest. Of course this is actually way better than the time I had to explain to him how I managed to lose all our server logs for the past five years. (They were stored on a partitioned, non-backed-up harddrive that decided to die on me.) I bet he'll be more concerned with adjusting his project plans than my actual leaving! LOL. Then he'll shake my hand and congrat me.

We shall see, I guess!
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