September 4th, 2003

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Catching up with Dad

Well, surprisingly, as Mom promised, Dad called me tonight. Now, I hardly ever talk to my dad on the phone, as he's not a "phone" guy and neither am I really. Anyway, it was his 70th birthday yesterday and my family had a big party for him Saturday. I guess it was all great (Betty bought 17 lobsters for it and Dad made clam chowder) but of course I missed it.

Dad really, really liked the present I had sent him though -- a book of photos by this famous maritime photographer who did a lot of work shooting the boats at City Island where Dad grew up. In fact (so Dad told me), Dad knew the guy and dated his granddaughter! Anyway, he talked about the book and then went on a whole long reminiscence about sailing "back in the day" and all the old wooden boats, how they used to make the sails of Egyptian cotton, etc. Then he was telling me how he went out sailing a few times last week with different family members -- which I know is his favorite thing in the world to do.

No wonder he sounded so good! I swear, if he's too sick to sail, he really gets down and gets sick. But his mind was really clear tonight, not all foggy and slow like it has been lately, due to all the drugs he has to take. The only bad healthy thing he told me is that he now ways 184... so he weighs less than me! I never, ever thought THAT would happen. My dad is like 3 inches taller than me and USED to weight like 225 or more, had a "Santa belly" for a while. Jeez -- that's all gone! But then again, diabetes can really eat away at you.

Anyway, I'm really happy he called, so we caught up on all his stuff and I also told him waht's going on with me, with the self-employment coming up, the book, going to England, etc. He hadn't really got the story from Mom so some of it was new news for him. We talked for around an hour, which is unprecedented. The only time we normally talk THAT long is when he or somebody else (like my nephew Will) is dealing with some major health issue like a heart bipass or abdominal surgery. This was a HEALTHY conversation!
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I told on myself!

I'm free / to do what I want / any old time...

Well, dreaded it, but talked to the boss. He was very light-hearted about it, very pleasant, super encouraging and told me he had every confidence I would be extremely successful. Oh, and he's really grateful I am giving four whole months' notice. Whoo hoo!
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ice cream


can i just say, i really like this new site design lj did. it is such a good move to get rid of that left margin -- more room for wider pictures and deeper threads. and some nice, slick navigation going on! it's just so clean and nice!
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Babes in Bagdad

Last weekend at Dragon*Con I indulged myself by getting what to me is a very nice example (and original, not reproduction) of 1950s "Cheesecake" -- a movie poster for Babes in Bagdad. I told a few people I'd email or post pictures but it wasn't 'til tonight that I got around to taking any pics.

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Once I get a frame, it is going to be gracing the wall of my office. I love it!
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I don't know what's got into me

Today is just like LJ posting day... I can't help it!

malibran posted a link to this wonderful web site Gay Year Book that's all high school yearbook pics of queers through the ages. The point of it's to show that, really, it's not "those people," but kids everywhere in schools all over. I just sent them in my pic as a submission, woo hoo!

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