September 5th, 2003



Probably thinking about my own father, I've been turning over thoughts of my grandparents lately.

Mind you, it's a little strange that I do this, since I only really ever knew one grandparent (one died before I was born, two shortly thereafter) but I've had a fascination with family stuff for a long time. Largely this is because I'm the youngest of five and with my siblings so much older, aunts and uncle my family wasn't close to, and three grandparents out of the picture, I always felt like my family had a lot of secrets and stories I didn't know about. It was irritating to me that they had this whole other lifetime before me and they all knew about it, but wouldn't really tell me. My ears would strain for bits of conversation so I could learn things but rarely, at least until I was a teenager, would anything ever be explained to me directly.

Anyway, that said, I feel like writing a little bit about each of my grandparents. Maybe it'll inspire others.

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tie me down! tie me down!

oh, god, did i just laugh... i laughed 'til i cried.

versailles_rose had posted a link to, to the pavarotti elephant song, which already was enough to make be bust a gut, but then i started looking at all those videos (some of which i remember seeing earlier, like the punk kitties) but...

oh no! this one, the frightened boy, just *killed* me. i guess you can get an idea of my sense of humor from the fact that this tickles me to pieces. it's like south park as directed by tim burton and acted out by... i don't know, just watch it.

i think i like this almost as much as the deichkind video (speaking of, i should round off the night by watching it...)
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