September 6th, 2003

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Comemorative Video

OK... So I've been thinking about 9/11 lately since of course very soon it will have been two years... Hard to believe, but true.

Anyway, today the NY Times online has a feature on a new video that's turned up. These Czech guys were taking the Battery tunnel to see the Twin Towers and at the same time, one of them was testing out his new video camera... and as they were waiting at the toll plaza to go in the tunnel, he happened to catch the first plane hitting (although he wasn't paying attention and didn't even notice the big cloud of smoke!) and then on the way out of the tunnel, he caught another picture showing the second plane coming in, and the towers in flames.

Just watching it on video made me totally ill.

Here a link to the article, which links to the "audio slide show" with the video in it.
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