September 7th, 2003



OK, so I've read (and written) my fair share of sacriligious stuff, but this novel I'm reading now (Vampire Vow) for the Outworlders book group is the first time in a while I've actually held a book and said, "WHAT!" I swear, I was waiting for the 16 bus earlier this evening and had brought it with me to start on (our meeting is next Sunday) and I think I startled some drivers, talking to myself, going "I can't BELIVE this shit!" LOL.

I mean, the book starts out* as first person POV of this guy talking about wanting Jesus -- but like, literally, in the flesh, back 2000 years ago.This guy, a Roman soldier, ends up getting obsessed with Jesus in a physical way and gets blue balls because Jesus has a LOT of willpower! Making a long story short (though I'm only about 1/4 through), this guy gets so crazy over this denial he takes up an offer to become a vampire and from THERE goes on to spend his life seducing (and destroying) pious monk boys. YEAH, a BIT over the top! I was riding home on the bus glad none of the Bible-readers could know what I was reading and then during dinner, reading more, I sort of thought I was going to get smited.

Another note on the book, beyond the whole sacrilege thing, it pleases me how some of the book reminds me of my own VC fanfic series, Carmina, with the Roman slave boy who goes vampire and also travels through the centuries, at one point falling in love with a monk.

Anyway, seems like there'll be lots to talk about at book group next week!

* See Amazon to read the first few pages yourself!
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