September 8th, 2003

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Haven't been smited yet... and other updates

I'm up to around page 120 of that piece of blaphemy I'm reading. It's a very fast read, as I knew it would be... more like a long short story than a book. Anyway, I'm starting to suspect that this monk the vampire is after is actually some kind of reincarnation of Jesus (or Joshu, as he calls him). Oh, brother! (Er, pun intended.) Overall, not very darn impressed with this book, as it takes on some complex stuff and while not totally dumbing it down, is still too pat. Also, the writing to me seems rather pedestrian. And here's a plot point: Would it be really common for moutainfolk in Tennessee to be Catholic? I wouldn't think so, but it seems like people around the monastery are some Catholic themselves, kind of surprised me. Anyway, I'm sure to be done reading by tomorrow.

My weekend was OK, kind of blah I guess. Yesterday I had my hair touched up, roots lightened and another "razor cut" so my hair looks like feathers or crazy guinea pig fur again. Afterward got some flowers at this really nice tiny gay flowershop operated in a live-work unit in Castleberry. All day long, had chats with Storm and Gabby related to Wraeththu and Grissecon convention stuff -- everything is coming together suddenly!

At night went off to with Daniel, Caleb, Dmitri and Stephan to the official grand opening of The Mark, the new club across the street, and it was OK. (I went to the private showing opening last week.) I was annoyed to find their "free cocktail" thing was restricted to Grey Goose vodka... which I only found out after getting this good but really expensive martini. Sigh. Plus the crowd was just icky after a while, once all the high end types were coming in -- too many muscles and breast implants, thank you. (Gah, I'm editing this to add that there was some nice stuff there... like a bunch of our neighbors. I think I "came out" to this lesbian Susan I've known for like 4 years, plus she was all ears about the book. Another neighbor highland was Maria and Daniel discovering their mutual history at the Chamber.)

Actually I also found out that while I had been sort of looking forward to going there for movie nights and other theme night's, the cover's going to be $20! Sheesh. Maybe if I go before 10 or get lucky with mgt., I can still get in free, but on the other hand, I think they can kiss their chance at "the neighborhood" going there goodbye. Neighbors want a club/bar they can hang out at, not one where they have to pay a massive toll. It's worth going to some other neighborhood to a place like Mary's with no cover, if the one right by you has that kind of cover!

Today was really slow. I'm not sure I can recount it in exact detail, but I cleaned up the house mainly, then at one point Caleb brought some "Skyscraper Forum" guys over to see my place. I read the book a bunch. Around 5 I took the bus to Virginia Highland to look at ceiling lamps and picture frames, but not finding what I wanted, I ended up taking the bus back a bit and going to Market One, where I got some nice goodies, including lovely cheese. I had 45 minutes to kill waiting for the next bus, so I got some karob soy "kream" at Soul Vegetarian and ate it while reading Vampire Vow. Coming home, made delicious dinner of pasta sauce over chicken sausage, along with corn on the cob. Yum! Then I cleaned more, took out the trash, and finally wrote a draft press release for Breeding Discontent. Mercredi sent me the third draft of the manuscript but I didn't work on it yet.

Tomorrow should be mostly work for CAP, also GaTech, also doing stuff relating to becoming self-employed. Ane finishing that vampire book.
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i seriously suspect bush is suddenly going to show up as not being so popular anymore. he is flondering and this latest request for $87 BILLION, plus all his OTHER crap... hell, you don't have to be a democrat to be steamed, i don't think anyway. i bet even my dad, who is staunch about his republican views (and with whom i don't discuss politics, for same reason) is getting seriously disenchanted.
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Recently I have been alarmed to notice there's a neighbor of mine, just a couple of doors down, who seems to be a bit, well, STRANGE and also, STINKY. Not that HE smells, but he produces smells. Specifically, he produces this hideously strong TOAST smell.

I'll be home and going out somewhere or coming back and the smell in the hallway could knock you down: TOAST! I'm sure it wouldn't be quite so bad, except the man keeps his door propped open all day long.

From what I can see (and what my other non-strange neighbor Ross has said), the condo the guy lives in is empty except for a TV, stereo, a chair and a palette. Oh, and of course bread. Ross and neighbors have also told me the man's on an all-bread diet or something. The other day I noticed a bag of unground grain sitting inside the door and one time Caleb was taking care of my place and walked by, saw a whole stack of loaves outside the door.

I wouldn't care about any of this, but I really hate when people have to stink up the whole hall. This morning I think I can even smell it INSIDE my unit, coming in throught the air vent or something.

The guy doesn't get out much and when I do see him, he's power-walking around. He has a shiny, shiny bald head and I wouldn't be surprised if he was seriously sick. Either that or financially destitute. He moved here from Cincinatti, bought 2 units (one to rent) and then lost his job. He talked to me about becoming self-employed and he was really qualified, but I have this feeling, I don't know, some other stuff intervened.

All in all, reminds me of that Simon & Garfunkel song "A Most Peculiar Man."
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My Vampire Vow Is Done

So I finished the book. Ug. Ends up with the vamp fleeing to New Orleans. Like, OK, who could have predicted that, given that his would-be lover was from there and had talked all about tombs and there was even voodoo and messed up ecstatic Catholicism in there?

I would not recommend this book.
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