September 9th, 2003

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A few comments

Well, well, well, another weekend about to end :( Actually I do work Mondays, just not at the office, so it still feels "weekend" to me. Be that as it may, whatever, soon I'll be asleep

Went off and saw Pirates of the Caribbean tonight. As expected, Johnny was the highlight. I must concur with Rogert Ebert -- is definitely "channeling a drunken drag queen." Far as I was concerned, less fighting (and repetitive "battle" music) and more swaggering, masquera'd-eyelash-batting, and rum-drinking would've have made it a whole lot better movie.

Oh, and I've decided I'm gonna be a pirate for Halloween. I've definitely got clothes I can wear (never let it be said I'm not flamboyant in my fashion), plus I've been hoarding Atlant Pride (Mardi Gras) necklaces and have like 30 of them which I could wear, turn into a nice belt, put in a "booty bag," arrrrrgh! Only things I'll have to actully buy are a tri-corner hat and a mustache. Maybe an ace bandage for the bosom too but bahhh, maybe not.

In other news, madame_mercredi are at the very tail end of editing the manuscript. Tonight I got frustrated because after I accepted her changes and made a few more edits and comments, I went to send the thing to Kinko's for priting (much easier to carry around manuscript and mark up, as opposed to sitting at the computer) but their credit card system was down. Anyway, should have that all ready by Thursday and then it's GONE and will ge typeset.

After that manuscript work, finally got to the bottom of a client's domain/DNS transfer issue. Sometimes that stuff is so easy, sometimes it's a PAIN and this was a case of the latter. I seriously wish she could have just stareted the domain with Interland to begin with instead of setting up domain email at Earthlink and making it SO damn complicated. Soon, however, that should be done and I'll send out the hsoting bill and wipe my hands of it.

And now, gravity and taking me...
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Subway Laughs

Call me a 10-year-old for thinking this was funny, but yesterday I saw this graffiti written on some ads at Midtown MARTA station and cracked up.



Yeah, yeah, reverse discrimination, but honestly, can't help but think that's some entirely facetious graffiti. LOL.
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you know, in times like these it's impossible to read stuff like this without frothing at the mouth. on one page, there are like dozens of things that are just insanely infuriating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Once again, I am un-busied enough that I notice my body. LOL, yeah, that's how it is... I just forget and then I one day go, "Ugh, jeez, what happened!" Main areas of concern are my a) general out-of-shapeness & sluggishness, and b) the 15 extra pounds I'm carrying around. Both areas really must be addressed together.

I know it's violating a key rule, since the mantra of diet and exercise programs is always "Start today!" but at the present moment I am envisioning January (when I leap into self-employment) as the time to switch into truly healthy activity modes which include not only hard exercise but daily exercise like walking and biking, which I can actually combine with the notion of eating healthy -- biking to get food, rather than being lazy and ending up eating raspberry jelly and chocolate chips when the home stores run low :)

In the spirit of all this, here is the list of benefits I can see from increasing physical activity and going down to about 170. (Anything lower than that is completely unrealistic and non-maintainable... plus none of my clothes would fit except some old pants I have from sophomore year of high school, LOL.) This is really a true journal entry since it's really for ME, but I'm posting it because hell, could inspire and could generate more tips.

  • Well, duh, my clothes (esp. my pants and shorts) would fit. And darn, wouldn't that be fab!
  • Easier to bend over, see my feet (yeah, my stomach gets in the way, he he)
  • Endorphin highs from exercise = you feel like you've had sex
  • More exercise = randier
  • Fewer headaches
  • Can walk more quickly with less effort
  • Less of my ass (figuratively) to drag around town
  • I'll look taller if I'm less horizontal, LOL
  • Will stop feeling soooooo achey
  • Walking around more, will see more of city
  • Using weight room, will use cassette walkman and review my entire tape collection
  • I surely, surely look a whole lot better without the "thickness" of my middle (it has gotten quite thick)
  • I can weight less than Dad again (he recently weighed in less)
  • Could actually keep up with Caleb on our bike trips

There aren't any negatives at all I cant think of. Also, there is no reason at all I can't do it, except pure laziness. I am going to put a lot of effort into doing my first month on my own as something where my entire schedule is very structured (1 hr. training, 2 hrs. client maintenance, every week I must X) and I am definitely building in specific time to exercise, go walking, do my grocery shopping. I know that even with the same stress level or workload, I truly, truly do feel much, much better when I'm exercising and not turning myself into a Schmoo (sp?).

Yo, maybe in six month I could be a kickboxer! (Yeah, and malibran could still totally kick my a**.)
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OK, I just posted about health...

...but when you get pretzels, regular normal "jumbo" sized pretzels in a bag... you expect them to have SALT on them, don't you? Is that SO unreasonable? What the heck? I am tempted to write these Hannover people and complain.
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