September 10th, 2003

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editing editing editing editing editing

i'll write more on this later (i keep intending to, but way too wrapped up in delivering this manuscript!) but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, as of this week, it's been ten years since the time i started college. ten years since i met kristina! and on sept. 21, it will be 10 years since i met caleb!!!!! i feel like i should be 100... that was like FOREVER ago!

meantime, have to say final-proofing a 120,000-word ms is really time consuming. maybe it would be better if i only had to do a bit each day but on deadline, it's something else. i'm sure i'll be done by the time i go to bed but whoooh, that's a lot of story to get through! i had an idle thought, which i'm sure storm shares, which is that ok, raising kids is very, very time-consuming but if you do something as absorbing as writing novels, you could easily not miss it and be equally busy. and you get kids in your books, only you get money instead of spending it. good deal. yeah, yeah, don't get on me, i like kids, but i can be happy and fulfilled other ways i think.
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