September 11th, 2003

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Many hundreds of hours later and (tonight) after a box of chocolate covered espresso beans, the final manuscript for "the book" (that being Breeding Discontent by madame_mercredi and me) is complete and sent and done and... Well, OVER WITH! Damn, if I had fireworks, I'd light them IN THE HOUSE right now!

Some stats, BTW:

Time to write original (online version): 6 months
Time to edit it into a novel (publication): 4 months
Total wordcount (w/acknowledgments & intro): 123,658
Total pages (double-spaced): 377
Total size of Word file: 802K

Tomorrow when I come home from work, I am going to feel so disoriented. I guess it's like the pregnant woman looking down at her stomach going "Whoah, damn, I can see my feet again!" Of course, got client work I've neglected, that's true, but HELL, the big whopper of all time is gone.

Sorry I'm swearing, by the way... I'm just excited!
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Before and After


How has life changed for you since 9/11? I guess specifically, I'd like to know, on 9/10/01, what were thing like, and how had your world (hey, and THE world, if you want to get big about it) changed in the time since then? I don't mean things just in general, but what are things that have been affected?

I will answer this for myself tomorrow.

In the meantime, because these espresso beans are keeping me up, I want to recount that morning and days two years ago, from my POV. I'm going to make it quick, to the point. That day was stark:

I was at work in the Centennial Research Building at Georgia Tech when the news came in. After a couple of hours grabbing whatever info we could off the 'net, watching the TV down in General Harrison's office, getting on our phones and being frantic, everybody in the department and building was pretty much told to go home. I was worried about taking the train home because I thought MARTA might pull some anti-terrorism drill, so I walked home. It was a surreal walk. I basically went down Williams Street in a total state of shock, looking up all the time worried some planes would be hitting Downtown Atlanta. It was really hot out, I was sweating, but determined to get home.

Downtown was really quiet. Everybody walking around looked like a zombie. There were police running around, sirens going off. In my building, security guard said all the residents had been coming home from work. I went up to my place, which I'd only moved into a couple of months before. From then on, the rest of my day rotated between two activities: watching CNN and posting/reading stuff on the net. As soon as they were out of work, Caleb and Daniel came over and since I had no couch, we dragged out my mattress and sat on it to watch TV. We hugged and cry and said "I don't believe it" like a 1,000 times. Meanwhile, online all the communities I was in were in a fury. It was a moment when the world all seemed to connect.

One odd thing that happened that day was that, feeling so numb and powerless and scared and (eventually) tired of the news, I sat down and did the basic design for the Inception web site, which I had just gotten the go-ahead from Storm to do. I remember at the time thinking it was crass to be doing something like that but on the other hand, feeling like creation was better than destruction. I think it's possibly notable that the icon for the site is a naked man in a fetal position.
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The German Thing

It happened again (has happened many times before):

I just went over to the Ga. Tech Barnes & Noble / Starbucks to have a break and while looking at some books, was approached by a man who looked to be a GT janitor on break.

Man: Whoah, that's a beautiful dress!
Me (liking dress myself): Oh, thank you!
Man (pointing at me): You from Germany?
Me: Um...
Man: I mean, where you from? Not here... Must be from Germany!
Me: Well, I live here, I grew up in Massachusetts, but my family is German.
Man: I knew it. You had that look.
Me: People say that a lot. Men who've been in the Army.
Man: Yeah. You sure look German. Your parents from Germany then?
Me (lying, not wanting to get into lengthy explanation): My mother is.
Man: Oh... Well, but you never lived there?
Me: I've been there, visited...
Man: That's good! Germany... Germany... (starts mumbling as I withdraw, not wanting to engage in pointless conversation all morning long...)

I have to point out that the #1 demographic of people who give me this "You German?" (often, pick-up) line is lower- to middle-class black men. Many have been stationed in Germany with the military and have picked up the eye for German chicks. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, I've got that eye too.) I remember one guy saying I looked like "those women from Hamburg" and I wasn't sure how to take it -- like just any woman or one on the Reeperbahn? LOL

P.S. to Daniel: This is much more amusing than being called a "Mexican."
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Carlessness -- Yay!

The other day Caleb forwarded me this article (from the LA Times, maybe?) about the freedom of being carless that comes awfully close to making almost every point I could make, in a very concise way. I have always been of the opinion that although there are certain constraints I face because I rely on either myself or transit to get around, overall I enjoy rewards of freedom and financial savings that far outweigh those constraints. People can think "Oh, you poor thing" but I can get my groceries, furniture, clothes, go to meetings, and not drive or take a taxi.

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Am I a total weakling klutz...

...or are DVDs reallllly hard to pry of those stupid ring things they're put in????? I don't know why they have to do that... They don't do it with CDs! I swear, every time I get a DVD, I'm in agony just pulling thing thing out. Each one of them uses some different manner, like a booby trap, so keep you out. Tonight I wanted Belle du Jour and I swear, I nearly broke the thing getting it out. Even the ones with the "button" cases you press don't come out right. I have to use two hands and twist a lot and curse before the things pry loose. Ironically, it's much easier to remove the security tape on a DVD than it is on a CD, but once you have it open, you're screwed trying to pry it OUT. Darnit! Just wondering, am I the only one who doesn't understand why this basic usability issue continues?
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