September 13th, 2003

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I date myself, with this John Ritter memory

Although I know there are people reading my LJ who are a lot older than me, I still feel like I am totally dating myself when I say one of my earliest memories of TV was watching this 1979 movie Americathon starring John Ritter.

Plot (from IMDB): In the not too distant future, the United States government is virtually bankrupt and in danger of being foreclosed on by a group of Native Americans, now owners of the massive Nike Corporation. A desperate President decides to make a last-ditch effort to save the country... by raising money with a telethon!

Showing my (4- or 5-year-old) grasp of politics at the time, I thought the movie was actually about the oil embargo. I remember in the telethon scene I thought it was all about raising money so they could have oil again. My dad was riding around on a moped still and I was always worried about fuel. (Yeah, transit geek at young age.) Though, now that I look at the user comments on this movie, actually part of the movie *was* about that: "It's 1998, America is out of gas both literally and figuratively. People live in permanently parked cars, walking, jogging and biking to work."

I want to find this and watch it!

P.S. Anybody besides me remember "Kids Are People Too," a kids show John Ritter hosted? Used to feature "Land of the Lost" and have interviews with people kids thought were cool. This was pre-Nickelodeon TV, I'm sure.
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poisoned by matches

my day was going pretty well, i came home ready to clean house, i even had energy for it... then i decided to take the candles i'd just bought and stick them into candlesticks. well, that was ok, except i decided to light the bottoms to melt them a bit so they'd fit... and OH have those matches ended it for me! they weren't my usual matches (diamond brand) but these promo ones from a club and they smelled terrible. i even had the bad fortunate to wave a smoking one under my nose by accident while setting the candles. made me so ill i opened the door to the hall.

that was two hours ago at least, gone through a couple rounds of terrible headaches (aspirin stopped it for a bit, now it's bad), feel nauseous, fell asleep... can't seem to do anything but feel ill. i plan on going OUT tonight for an outworlders' events (dr. who night!) and probably it'll be good to be aware from whatever the hell made me ill. i think i will chuck those lousy matches. also some herbal tea might be a last-ditch attempt.
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