September 14th, 2003

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Breeding Discontent -- It's Real!

Well, I've talked about the cool cover the book will have and finally it's available! This is a revision of a draft we'd already seen. Already had one person call it "dead sexy." I like it because it shows just how andogynous hara are.

Click here for larger-version

On a related note, while the book is of course listed on the Immanion Press site and and on Amazon UK, I've created a separate info page for it, for PR purposes:

Storm Constantine’s Wraeththu Mythos: Breeding Discontent

Also did a page that's an overview of related activities of mine.

Wendy's "Other Life"

If I wasn't such a grumpy sore morning person, I'd be bouncing!
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Nice Atlanta bike ride pics

I went on a wonderful bike ride this afternoon and took pictures, which I've posted on a site I frequent for architecture & city freaks. These pictures give a good feel for Atlanta in summer, with greenery (trees, ivy and kudzu) taking over everything.

Part 1

Part 2

My ride started around 12:45, when I sped up to Pete's house for Outworlders' book group meeting. We discussed Vampire Vow for an hour or so. I next set off through Midtown, then on to Virginia-Highland, where I got myself a bowl of gelato and did some shopping. Bought some gifts for a certain English lady (who's request a "sybaritic" exchange with me), plus found a wonderful vase that had a "defect" and had been marked down to only $6! I went biking through V-H some more after that, then went up to Little Five Points, where I visited the bike shop, getting a new pump and back light. Good customer service -- they lashed the pump onto the back of my bike so I wouldn't have to carry it in a bag. I rode home through Inman Park and then did a straight-shot down Edgewood. I think I got a sunburn maybe, my face is really hot. When I got home (at 5:15), I was a total sweathog but happy.

P.S. Look what icon I used! I never get to use that! LOL
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