September 15th, 2003

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Spotted in Inman Park

While on my bike trip, noticed this stop sign.

Yeah, sure, OK, I concede it's not very nice (well, to most people) but seeing how it was smack in the middle of Inman Park, a very wealthy intown neighborhood that actually does have a lot of kids in it, I had to take a picture.

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Cautious excitement, small pity party

My mom just called me and surprisingly, was very easily persuaded that visiting me the day after I return from England is just NOT good timing! I was starting to flip out, as that's what her latest travel proposal was. Now she claims she will get tickets for the first weekend in November. I'll believe it when she forwards me the ticket receipts.

On a related note, yesterday Caleb and I were discussing my parents extreme reluctance to come see me (health problems withstanding) and he was questioning whether they'd come to see me if I was married or had kids. I said of course they would come. He then asked if my parents ever visited my brother Tom before he was married and had kids. I thought about it and Caleb is right, they never did and in fact my family-at-arms-length brother even used to complain about it, which shows you how long they went without visiting!

It drives me nuts because I feel I go out of my way to visit 3-4 times a year and they have gone four years (more?) without reciprocating! As for the rest of my family, I've had 2 sisters and a brother visit, but none of them on purpose -- they were all just "passing through." Carolyn was in town for a convention and stayed at a hotel blocks away for three days -- and I saw her for a total of 2 hours.
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Just sent out an email to my family about the book and got this reply from my brother-in-law Bruce, who's known me since I was 6 or 7:

"What amazing accomplishments, and so young. Congratulations!"


I'm the 29-year-old wunderkind. Remind me not to think about Orson Welles, lol.
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Boring day punctuated by Howard Dean rally

Today was pretty darn low-key, but not a wash.

All morning and into afternoon I worked here at home doing at first CAP web site work, then switching over to BD book promotion stuff, with emails, collecting information on stores and web sites to contact, etc. Also spent an hour cleaning out the ADNA inbox, which I'd allowed to get rather out of hand lately. Can't remember anything too specifically interesting happening and I know the only thing I did for diversion was dance a bit and eat cranberry bread.

Finally around 3, it was time for actual activity. First I went over to CAP offices to say hi, then I went to the Howard Dean rally supposed to be at 3:30 in Hurt Park. I walked over carrying my shopping cart. Right at 3:30 there were only like 50 people there and I was a bit puzzled, worried too. I felt bad for the people dragging people into the parks, so even though I had an idea I could do my shopping down the street and come back later to catch the rally, I went into the park to wait. Slowly the crowd filled in. Eventually they started bringing people on stay to entertain and distract us from the fact it was like 95 degrees out there and there were these tiny flies everywhere. There was a folksinger, a city councilman, a spoken word artist, this guy from Dean for GA (or whatever) and somehow we survived until 4:45 to see Dean!

(Hey, I just noticed, one of the pics in the rally gallery shows me at dead center, my blond head popping up, with the turqouise top and pink skirt sticking out: Here I am!)

Despite the fact that I was really quite hot and cranky by that time, it was definitely worth the wait. First off, as soon as he started speaking, I forgot all about being hot and bored. He's a dynamic speaker with a really, really clear voice that I particularly enjoy because (pardon all y'all Southerners) it doesn't come with a Southern accent, which I was afraid was becoming some sort of requirement for U.S. presidents. (Supposedly this is because Southerners don't trust politicians who sounds like "Yankees" although jeez, I would think Yankee feelings towards Southern accents would counter that.) Anyway, to the actual meat of things, Dean did a point-for-point on various issues. The ones that seemed to get the most support were: 1) Bush's dumb-ass tax cuts that gave money to rich, 2) Bush's war in Iraq, his lies, getting America to be respected again, 3) universal health care. He had some interesting things to say about prisons and education too. Listening to him (and knowing his platform and record are way less watered-down than what he said) I just know I will vote for him. Especially since almost every other candidate running for the Dems seems either weak, not very dynamic or weasel-like.

After the rally I finally went down to the Curb Market, where I got my requisite haul of fruits and vegies. Over at Salumeria Taggiasca, Anna was cleaning up and as usual, gave me some free stuff -- two free baguettes! She and I actually ended up talking about Bush and I was explaining some details of the Patriot act, which she'd never heard of.

At home I was really wiped out from having been out in the sun so much. I got a headache (which I still have) and had a micronap/blackout on the bed for a while. Nothing special after that, just Caleb and Daniel coming over, me giving Caleb a "deep rub," Daniel eating my cranberry bread -- ooh, found something he likes! Yeah!
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Two Recs and a P.S.

Been listening to an old tape I have, a copy of Technorave I and Technorave II techno compilation albums, like circa 1993-94 or something... and yeah, they are awesome, you should find them and enjoy them. Good beats, sound sampling, lots of fun. This was good stuff, I miss it bad!

Caleb has the original CDs, my tape has my personal favs: "Bounce," "A New Things," "Confessions of a Raver," "Can You Feel the Beat, Mr. James?" "The Desires," "No Sex Until Marriage," "Float in a Dream of X-TC," and "Elvis Has Left the Building." Really great, cool cathy-phrases in there, esp. on "No Sex Until..."

This was mentioned at today's rally but I just happened to find it doing a search -- a Dean campaign blog. The campaign is putting a big emphasis on the net ("net"working) and on young people ("Generation Dean" is big part of campaigin) and doing a blog fits it. First there's the official blog, Blog for America (lol, which makes it sound like a Mr. Blog is running for prez) and then there's an unofficial Howard Dean 2004, run by supporters.


And in case anybody wants to know: Flash mob for Dean at 10 a.m. Saturday @ Centennial Olympic Park... across from CNN headquarters.
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