September 16th, 2003

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Thoughts on "going back"

During the Dean rally today, probably while waiting for him to go on, listening to the various other speakers, and it was this:

Isn't it true those who support Dean (and other Dems), are supporting them for who they are, but also supporting them because they really hate Bush and what he's done... (and here's the thought) isn't there some secret wish within the collective that feels like if we got rid of Bush, somehow magically things will go back to the way they were before he was elected, i.e. before 9/11? That we'd somehow be safe again, like Mommy would make it all better?

I think that is part of it, I really do. Some people brought up Clinton and there was a guy selling buttons that said "I want Clinton's Peace and Prosperity" and it made me think, "Hey, do we think we can really go back?"
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Marketing tactics

Been sending some time marketing the book, mainly personal so far (friends, co-workers, neighbors, family) but also getting started on things I might do locally. I've had a positive response from the library and may get to do an author program there.

Trying to get some local bookshop here to place an order of the books may be a bit harder I guess. So far I'm aiming at some very specific stores: a fantasy/sf/horror shop, a gay shop, a feminist/lesbian shop, and a bookstore chain based locally. So far I've only emailed them asking who I might send a press release to (it's important to send to the right person, which would be the buyer) and so far, been shot down once. That was Chapter 11 (the local chain) who wrote me saying "We've carried some Storm Constantine before, didn't do well, good luck." Oh, well, I'll keep trying, huh! Then the biggest thing is, I want to list it, but so far they haven't. And try twisting their arm!

Sometimes I wish the book wasn't an import and therefore less likely to get picked up and bought in the U.S., but hey, I know it's going to be beautiful and anyway you can buy it online from across the pond, so hey, better than nothing.
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Sleeping Positions

I kind of want to do a quiz thing based on this...

Study: Sleeping position reveals personality

Surprisingly, I sleep in the most "unusual position" (who knew?) and supposedly, that means I'm "brash and gregarious," which I can go along with. Actually I often sleep on my stomach with my hands in this sort of twisted pretzel that often makes my hands fall asleep, but it's what my instincts want me to do.
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I got another random fanmail again today. Not sure whether they were reading my VC stuff or my Wraeththu stuff, although I assume the former. It was another one going "Wow, these stories are great, never stop, hope you write a book!" Such encouragement certainly comes at the right time!

On a related note, I sent out an email to my whole department today about the book, telling them where to look for more info, got a lot of congrats back (also "Good luck on your worldwide tour!"), plus a book recommendation. Once again, got told I should read Octavia Butler. I already have her on my reading list, supposedly very out there, unusual, need to go sniff it out.
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