September 17th, 2003


First official book promo engagement

Well, connections are working and without even approaching them directly (they got wind of me via Outworlders), I've been invited to come as a guest speaker to an upcoming meeting of the Atlanta Science Fiction Society.

Not only will I get free reign to address whatever topic I'd like (although "alternative sexuality" and fanfic seem inevitable) but they say they'd be willing to help me out with a "buy-and-sign" thing afterward. I think I'll order some copies to take with me for that, who knows, could find some new readers! The event will be at the Sandy Springs library and it'll be either in November or December. (They also offered October but I'm in England then.)

Oh, and in addition to that, today this online zine scifidimenions, based in Atlanta, also invited me to do an essay for an upcoming issue, one that will let me promote Storm and myself. I got all inspired about it and alrady wrote the article, 1,700 words worth.
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Yay Continued

So I woke up today pretty tired (operating on far too little sleep) but jazzed about the parental visit and the author engagement.

Walking to work, I felt both excited about amused by the idea of speaking to that group. I'm really excited to be speaking to a general science fiction audience -- as opposed to Outworlders, which is GLBT specific -- and talking about alternative sexuality. Some SF folks are rather squeamish about such things so it will be fun to simply steamroll ahead talking about Wraeththu, Nightrunner, other books I've read (like in my book group). Oh, and I've also decided I want to start out my talk discussing my teenage obsession with VC and how I never saw it as containing "alternative sexuality" because it was a total blindspot -- seemed perfectly normal and natural for all those male vamps to be into one another. Anyway, I'm pretty darn jazzed. I'm a good speaker so I think it'll work out well. And hey, might sell a book or two to somebody who might not ever have known about it (maybe not even have read Wraeththu) and that will be cool indeed.
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I like apple pie but...

So today at work we had what was in effect our annual team morale event. Not that we have bad morale or don't have some fun at our staff meeting anyway, but today's meeting didn't even include project updates or any serious discussion -- we watched a movie.

Well, I have to say, I'm a bit irritated with how the vote on the movie went. We had around ten nominees and this one (so the boss says) got twice as many votes as the nearest runner-up:

Remember The Titans

Can I just say... Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

This was a seriously mediocre movie. It would be a good TV movie I guess. The direction was stupid, the screenplay incredibly predictable and clunky (esp. the first 1/2 hour!) and above it all, it was FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL. I just do not GET what the hell it is with football. At all.

I mean, watching it, I had a lot of questions, like "Is that guy's job being coach for a high school team? That's his job?" Now, forgive me, I'm a Yankee, football had not so much meaning up where I grew up, so I'm totally confused. Is that normal? If so, give me a break! I've never heard of a public school coach who wasn't a teacher FIRST. So that confused me a lot. Second, all those resources. For football. Why? Everything about the set up in the movie (and yeah, I know it's a movie!) screamed "Damn, this is a cash cow!" It was like going to one of those palaces in German with all the gold leaf -- sure, it's pretty, but the money from it came from the people's sweat and tears.

On the positive side, I thought "Sunshine," the gay quarterback was cool and noted that hell, overall that team had a LOT of sissies in it, he he he. Of course I'm not so sure the fact that boy didn't get his ass beat in was very realistic but hell, OK, didn't want to see him with black eyes myself either.

For the record, my vote for a movie was Chariots of Fire. That's a sports movie but not a JOCK movie! And it's not American SCHLOCK either!

*end cynical grumbling*
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Dubya OOC

Hmmm, now this headline on caught my attention!

Bush: No evidence Saddam was involved in 9/11 attacks

I wonder what he will admit to next?!

Brownosing the public prior to ramping up his campaign for re-election?

Note that he supposedly delivered this remark to correct a common misperception about Saddam. Now as to why 70 percent of Americans might *think* Saddam was involved... well, I have *no* idea!
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