September 18th, 2003

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I'm a bit "concerned"

I thought I'd seen it ALL from Concerned Women for America (CWfA), but no, this article from their web site is just BIZARRE! I mean, this takes anti-feminist conservative claptrap to a new level. Makes me wonder if The Onion hasn't placed an "agent" on staff...

Hell Hath No Fury: Isabel - A Feminist to the Core

Um, yes, this is comparing feminism to a destructive hurricane.

She is a tempest, angry and sullen, destroying lives...
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Indiscretions on MARTA

So yesterday around 7 p.m. I'm riding MARTA up to Doraville to get the bus to my writer's group meeting. The train car is getting emptier and emptier; once we're past Lenox there are like seven people on it.

Well, wouldn't you know one of those people has to be on his mobile! And not that I am generally bugged by this because after all, if you're on a train you're not driving, not crossing the street, you're not in a library. It seems a perfectly good place to talk.

That said, there are certain things you just don't discuss IN PUBLIC because, well, you're IN PUBLIC.

Example (and mind you, these are all principles VIOLATED last night):

1) You do not mention friends by name and then go on to say that they're "having sex" and "doing the nasty."

2) You do not mention friends by name and then talk about how things are going really well because the woman is "getting really good oral" because the guy "gives really good oral" and she's "highly, highly satisfied." (Think: Chef on "South Park.")

3) You do not explain the fact that the reason your girlfriend-of-the-moment is so happy with you and helping you move your furniture is because "the other night" you "gave her a full-body."

4) You do not mention any of the things REALLY LOUDLY on a near-empty train, especially one of the new cars without the sound-insulation of carpeting and especially not when the train stops dead and there's not even motor and electric noise to cover you up.

I've got a sick mind and I'll talk about some explicit stuff in public but you have to be DISCREET, damnit!!!!!
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Concerned Women for America

I mentioned this group yesterday in a post. Well, just in case some of you are not aware of them, here is a factsheet from People for the American Way:

Concerned Women for America

Some highlights/lowlights:

Finances: $12.7 million dollars (2000)

Membership: CWA claims over 500,000 members

CWA is anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-feminism and anti-sex education. Beverly LaHaye started CWA to respond to the advances of feminism after watching NOW’s founder Betty Friedan on television in 1978. CWA identifies feminism as "anti-god, anti-family." CWA identifies state-level Equal Rights Amendments (ERAs) as responsible for the breakdown of families, "The ERA proposes the elimination of our God-given roles as men and women, resulting in the redefinition -- and eventual destruction -- of family."

CWA fights against sex education curricula that is not completely abstinence based and opposes anti-drug and alcohol abuse programs that emphasize self-esteem. Many challengers to books and curricula in public schools use CWA's materials.

CWA has been active in the fight against using Harry Potter books in schools. Publications such as "Harry Potter: Seduction of the Occult" claim that the books promote the practice of witchcraft among children. CWA offers books and videos such as, "Harry Potter: Withcraft Repackaged: Making Evil Look Innocent." (Produced by Tim LaHaye, Beverly LaHaye’s husband.)

As a leader of the religious right, Beverly and her husband Tim LaHaye are strong supporters of other religious-right groups and leaders. For instance, in the summer of 2001 the LaHaye’s gave Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University $4.5 million dollars. (Beverly LaHaye is a trustee of the university.)
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6 degrees?

So I wrote to the Andover Townsman, my hometown newspaper in Massachusetts, asking about putting in some sort of item about the book. The reporter who wrote me back says he also went to UMass Amherst, graduated the same year as me, and recognizes me from us having eaten in the same dining hall. I'm sending him the release.
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I Stand In Total AWE

This has got to be one of the coolest, most creative (and eerie!) uses of Flash I've ever seen. I like it so much I am thinking of actually ordering the prints the artist based the Flash on because the guy deserves some cash and damn, I love the material!

Streatham Cemetery: The Four Seasons
by Jonathan Clark

Helpful tips:

1) Make sure you can hear the sound... although if you have to be quiet or have no headphones, visit it anyway.

2) For each season there are multiple scenes -- click on the crosses right about the picture to change scenes.

3) Scenes are animated, with things happening on their own OR you can make them happen (example: move your mouse over the grass in any Summer pictures).

Really, this thing inspired awe in me. And I am damn jaded by coolness, esp. in Flash.

Wow. This is like... mystical... especially when it does that "glow" thing. And the music and sound effects are great too. It's a whole Experience really.
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Recipe for fun!

Go to and read customer reviews of Blackwood Farm -- sort from lowest rated first.

This one was pretty pithy:
My god, this book may never end. Dante could have had a whole circle of hell involving the reading of this book. 400 pages of monologue to tell the story of a whiny, boring hero who speaks, unaccountably, in purple, vaguely 19th-century Byronic language, the very worst of Rice's already tired breed of laconic, manic-depressive, wealthy, beautiful, bisexual, angst-ridden vampires. She really needs to start a new series. She's made enough money off of these silly wretches, make up something else and stop ruining what had been, for quite a few years, a good series of books.

All I read were those sample chapters online... and damn, they looked like a set-up for disaster!

It is just so sad. I'm glad I have moved on because apparently so has Mater, or did, a long time ago.
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