September 20th, 2003

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This is interesting:

Release (with restrictions) for man convicted on child pornography on based on something he wrote

According to the article, this is the first time somebody has been convicted on porn charges for writings, which he says are ficticious. Authorities basically handled the material same as if they were pictures or videotapes.

I'm NOT saying writing stories "about three children, ages 10 and 11, being caged in a basement, molested and tortured" is OK or that the man isn't a danger (he could very well be), but it's a precedent that worries me.


I slept 8 whole hours last night. Yay.

Lea showed up at 9:30 on the dot. Her brother David actually was with her and we spent the whole morning around Downtown. Started out at the coffeeshop, then went over to the park. After that we headed up my way and I showed her my building and my place. Lots of oo'ing and ah'ing :) There was a huge parade downtown today (sponsored by 100 Black Men) related to all the college football today, so we caught some of that as well. Downtown was so vibrant and Lea and David left really impressed -- "Wow, I had no idea all this stuff was down here!"

Right now I'm doing some editing for Immanion Press I'd almost forgotten about. I'm working on the Wraeththu RPG, going through the whole manual/book that will go with it. I like the section I'm in now because it's got a lot of "first person accounts" of bits of Wraeththu history.
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On Food

Well, seems like tonight's theme was food.

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Oh, and one more food thing is that Caleb and I concluded that yes, I'm a porker and although my home scale can't be relied on, I must have gained about 10 pounds over this summer. Just grrrrrreat. Shit. He was telling me some stuff people in their neighborhood have said. They're all way more health and diet-conscious than I am (they're older and have learned their lesson) and have said they're "worried" about me and stuff. Ugggggh. Nothing easy about losing that weight either. Shit. Oops, I said that already. Damn!

Meanwhile, getting kind of hungry! Vicious cycle!
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