September 21st, 2003


Welcome, Dee!

Well, tonight Dee (a friend from way back, known her since we were in second grade) got on YIM and as expected, our "catch up" chat was WICKED long. At the end of it, told her I'd send her an LJ code so we could really keep up. Hopefully, she does that quick and will be an LJ friend soon.

Meantime, there was a bit of our chat I really treasured, made me feel quite validated. We were going back over all sorts of things and one of them was all the rough shit I went through in elementary school. Here is part of how it went:

wcdarling: i am pretty bitter about all that, but in retrospect i realize it wasn't all the other kids' fault or the teachers, i really had a behavior problem.

deestress77: Yeah, but you know what, some people were such complete total asses to you for NO reason whatsoever.

well, yay, it was NOT my imagination!

only bad thing. it's almost 2:30. damn it!
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A new (but old) LJ friend

I just thought I'd announce that a very old friend of mine has just joined LJ. Welcome dharmagirl, a.k.a. Marialana or, as I call her, Dee. Anybody wants crazy stories about me (child or teenager), she's the one to ask. Also, Dee is hugely cool in and of herself. Annnnd, if you want to talk heavy metal, you must make her your friend instantly!

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