September 23rd, 2003

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Low key

Well, been kind of quiet lately. Been neither manic nor depressed, so that explains it.

Yesterday was pretty low key. In the morning, I did my contract work, then in the afternoon I managed to get that income/expense balance worked out. I was happy to learn that my company will start out with a pretty good amount of capital, which added to my own personal savings means I don't have to worry too too much about failure -- not that I expect it, but I don't want to feel like I have to start raking it in right away.

Feeling satisfied with that, I cooked up one of my favorite recipes, for a Moroccan artichoke & vegie stew. Then Storm and I wound up chatting for a while about Wraeththu, con and writing stuff. She encouraged me with regard to my original novel and now I almost want to get writing it again, even though I planned on waiting until January. The rest of my night was mainly occupied by writing an article for about "alternative sexuality" in science fiction and fantasy.

I also got to chat with madame_mercredi, who I've missed a little bit. After both of us having to be in such close touch all the time about the book, it seems weird not to be in constant communication. We're both so busy now before Grissecon, though, we really can't keep it up. Before bed I was actually GOOD and picked up the house -- I know if I don't pick up by Monday, the mess will linger all week. Feeling accomplished I went to bed at 12:30 -- "early."

Well, going to bed early didn't exactly make me feel refreshed. In fact, I feel like a truck must've run over my head. Damn. Even though I skipped getting online before leaving for work, it still took me a whole hour to get out of the house. I felt like I used to back when I was on Allegra D and would forget to take my nightly dose -- eyes open, but still asleep.

In other news, heard on NPR this morning all this stuff about Bush going to the U.N. today and also about Iraq's leadership council and how they're unhappy with U.S. occupation. The council just recently spoke with leaders in Turkey who were comparing their situation to how Turkey was occupied 90 years ago by foreign powers. It all pissed me off thinking how the U.S. (and U.K.) has done all this stuff unilaterally and now expects the U.N. to support them. Add to this I know the U.S. owes about $1.5 billion to the U.N...

Oh, and one more bit of news is that Caleb had his doctor appt. today. They scanned his knees and told him there's no bone problem and he doens't have rheumotoid arthritis or anything, but he does probably have tendon problems in his knees. He's going to be seen by a rheumologist (?) and they also recommended him for orthodics (which I suspect I might be asked to help him buy, since they are really expensive and not covered by insurance).
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10 Movies I'd Recommend

This meme is going around and I approve -- always like to see recommendations from people I have some similarity to, as opposed to just random people or co-workers (whose taste is usually baaaaad).

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Brought to me by transit savings...

I make a good living $-wise, but you know, here's one way I give myself a whole bunch: Not owning a car!

As reported in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution:

"A study by the Surface Transportation Policy Project, an advocacy group based in Washington, found that car ownership costs the average American household about $7,200 a year. The costs of car commuting averages about $1,300 compared to about $760 commuting by bus or rail."

(Whole editorial here.)

I mean, that is a LOT of money I'm saving by not having to pay car payments, insurance, gas, repairs, parking...

You might even say that although it's true that living intown can be more expensive in terms of housing prices, the access you get to transit could allow you to eliminate a lot of costs.
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Must be doing something right

I bought food Sunday in hopes it could help me maintain a healthier diet and stop putting on weight (Believe it or not, it's during times when my refridgerator is depleted that I'm at my worst -- since I'll eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and/or start finding high-fat/high-sugar stuff to eat, just so I can get calories.

Well, I think I must be doing something right becuase although I had a full breakfast (yogurt, scuppernongs and bread w/honey & cheese) and lunch (pear, applesauce, and Moroccan stew), I am really hungry. (Note that this was all food I bought and prepared myself.)

I have always found that a sign you are probably actually eating the right things -- and not eating too-big portions -- is that you get hungry. Now, if you can endure that for a couple hours and resist the urge to go grab a Snicker's bar, then eat something good again, that's called a Gold Star achievement. Not that I'm a starve-yourself type (ahem, yeah, I think everybody agrees that is NOT me) but I really am a lazy pig too often.
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