September 25th, 2003

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Morning o'hassle

So a couple of weeks ago, got a letter from a debt collection company about some debt I don't have. I tried to call them back, didn't get the rep. I was supposed to call. But then I got another call yesterday and so I got off my butt and tried to call again. Well, HAPPILY it was just a mix up and they removed the whole debt record. Still, there is something with my credit record with Experian I need to have fixed.

After this, for my peace of mind, I decided to order the 3-in-1 credit report you can order from Equifax, showing side-by-side comparison of your record with all three big credit agencies. It's $30 but it is SO worth it to actually KNOW what they know about you. Done it before a few times. Unfortunately I couldn't order it online because they could not "verify" my identity (probably some mix up with my address, as unit/apt numbers throw them off), so SIGH I would have to call and therefore I put that off.

Next in this line of financial fun, I had to call up Citibank to check on a call I got yesterday. Their "Fraud Early Warning program" detected what it thought could be some suspicious activity and so I had to call and go over it. Everything checked out (even the $2 purchase for photos, when I ordered one reprint via CVS) and they were nice. I thanked them for their system, which has come on before to check on me. Even if things are OK, I think it's great they have something which can pick up on problems before you are robbed. Also, from past experience I will say Citibank is also very good about investigating when things you HAVE been robbed -- they have removed charges and initated criminal investigations for me. Whoo hoo!
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She's gonna pop!

My very pregnant supervisor is driving me a bit batty with her constantly huffing and puffing and groaning. She was supposed to go on leave yesterday (3 weeks before her due date) but is in a stuck fighting with the personnel department on how much / what kind of leave she can take prior to going on actual maternity leave. She'll be in tomorrow too, doing an interview and (I hope) finishing up on the instructions I'll need to carry out her job for the next three months, plus train a new person. Probably will not be back next week and I think that's for the best. I already told her (and she agreed) that she needs to pack her hospital bag NOW because I know she leaves things 'til the last second.

Oh, and to make things even more dramatic in the Big Mama department, one of our software developers is only a couple weeks behind her and is even huger. She keeps walking through our office, between me and my supervisor, because she needs to see the DBAs, it's like, what am I in the maternity ward? Actually the developer just announced that she's adjusted her last day to be tomorrow -- she just can't take being at work anymore, sitting is just too uncomfortable. I think she's having trouble reaching that keyboard too ;)

Meanwhile I will up and admit I have probably gained 15 pounds in the past six months. I just want a big tummy like them, right?
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Product Rec's

Sometimes you get stuff and you feel compelled to do testimonials. Well, I do anyway! I have two for today:

1) I've had my PalmPilot for about 3/4 of a year and the thing rules. Period. I got a low-end model (has color though) and a portable, foldable keyboard. It has been great. For a long time, I thought "Oh, that's just another stupid toy, I wouldn't really use it, but it is the perfect fit for me!

I don't use for writing as much as I thought I would (although I have certainly used it that way), but I do now have something that actually carries my data (appt.'s, to-do lists, documents, notes, lists, contact info) with me *and* syncs it up with my work and home computers. For years I had a day book where I scrawed in my appointments, but then I had an Outlook calendar too, at work and at home. They were never perfectly in sync. And forget about having other handy info. like Outlook Notes or being able to store whole NOVELS. (Just think, you are unexpectedly stuck someplace, like at the doctor's or on a flight or something, but you've got a manuscript or book just, sitting there in your purse, via your Palm.)

Anyway, I guess this could be a rec for just PDAs in general, but I specifically have to say, I think the model I have (Palm M130) would be just great for most people who might want it and it's way cheaper than the more power or "cooler" ones, especially this weekend, when they're having an open box special so it's $128. I forget what the keyboard costs but it's not much and oooh, that is so practical. I didn't want a laptop -- too big and way more than I needed -- I just wanted to be able to work on chapters or write stuff *out*.

2) McAfee Spamkiller is something I know I raved about when I got it back in July but now I've had it for over two months and it is STILL awesome. Dealing with that crap was getting to be this huge pain and it'd take forever to fish out my good stuff from all the heaps of spam. First week, it nabbed 1200 spams just for one account of mine! Since then I've been tuning the filters and friends settings (although it was very savvy to start with) and I get less and less and less spam. Or at least I don't see it!. Very nice piece of software. Now, when I download my mail, I know I am getting only stuff I actually want to see. Yay!
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