September 26th, 2003


Amen corner for allergy sufferers?

God curse ragweed.

Non God-believers, subsitute "God" with your deity or anti-deity or righteous person of choice. And if said individual is too righteous to curse anybody, how about have them bless people who are allergic or ragweed or other crap in the air?

Sometimes, I swear, I just want to take one of those wire brushes plumbers use and snake it down my throat and then through my ears and throat and nose and just CLEAN OUT. Lately I've reached the worst of it, where my ears and throat are "connected" and half the time I can hear my breathing, which is really yucky. My ears are killing me too, either filled with fluid or pressure. My throat is full of my damn nose. My eyes are raw.

The meds help but it is hard to accept I HAVE to take them. I do for a while, then I just say "Oh, I'm better." Jeez, I'm no better than people on lithium. This is way less serious but I really have to get on myself.
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Friday Five: Random

This Friday Five was created by the industrious versailles_rose.

1. What's the last book that you read?
Vampire Vow, a lousy gay horror novella. (Although I am mid-way through re-reading Traitor's Moon by Lynn Flewelling.)

2. What's the last movie you saw in a theater?
Pirats of the Caribbean.

3. What CD are you thinking of playing?
Haven't been listening to much music lately, but at home I've had the The Changelings debut album in the player for around a week and run it through around twice a day. On the computer at home I have The Piano. Need to bring some CDs to work.

4. What are you planning to eat for your next meal?
Vegie lasagna and appelsauce. Will also sneak out for a coffee break at some point.

5. Are you allergic to anything?
Lots and lots of stuff. Primarily airborne stuff like various pollens, pet dander, and dust, but some foods as well, although nothing severely. Milk bothers me but I can't ever seem to cut out dairy for long. Also allergic to fresh rosemary or any other pine/evergreen type plant. Pine tar gives me a rash; man, I hate that stuff! For insects, it's true you can't technically be allegic to mosquitoes or fleas, but those things make me itch insanely and my scratching infects the bites and then they last (and itch) for 1-3 weeks). I was once attacked by a hive of yellow jackets and got bit 50-100 times and I guess I might be allergic to them from that, but I have done a test for it.
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