September 27th, 2003

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This and That, All Good

My head seems to be doing a lot of free-floatin' lately, now that I don't seem to have such constant pressures on me. Been reading, going out places, hanging out with friends, cooking. I swear, even though writing is pleasurable, it really can be like a death grip when you get really really into it -- now I kind of feel released.

Corresponding to this free-floatin' state, some thoughts and notes:

Been pimpin' the book tonight. Put in a web order with Kinko's for 50 color press releases, will pick them up tomorrow. Printed envelopes for 10 places (stores and orgs) I'm sending to. Also sent out some emails. I feel confident that between sf/fantasy and queer bookshops, I'll be able to get a few places in the States selling the book.

Also been planning the book launch party. I've got lots of people interested in the book and have primed them for a party, probably Nov. 1. I've already got the Italian market offering me free catering and am all set to do the invitations with eVite and flyers -- that's been great in the past.

For location (too big for my place), tonight my neighbor Susan came up with a great idea (replacing a couple others I'd had): The Flatiron Building. (In the pic on the web page link, that's the "Flatiron" with my building, the Healey, showing up at the far right.) There's a space in the groundfloor that's perpetually either for lease or being occupied by some about-to-fail business and Susan told me she had connections so I could either get it for free or lease it (hopefully, none too expensively). That would be so cool b/c it's a very distinctive landmark building and it would look wicked cool on press releases (to local press) to have Flatiron on there. (Like, as opposed to, having it at my condo, duh!)

Other party related stuff is that I'm going to be placing an order of books so I have some stock there. Susan had a great idea for in case copies run out -- have somebody with a WiFI device let people place orders online. ("Oh, no problem, you can place your order direct!") We can even be total schemers about it and be like "Order first and it's $25, order later and you have to order online for $30." (Jeez, I am a suck businesswoman at times, but that sounds pretty slick!)

Did some drinking tonight. Right after work, went to Blue Cloud and had iced coffee and one of their tofu lemongrass sandwiches. Caleb showed up from work and after a bit up at his place, we went over to Ruth Chris where the bi-weekly neighborhood happy hour was going on. RC was esp. generous to us and we each got a free drink ticket -- for any drink. Naturally I got a huge frothy "Chocalatini." Later on I had Caleb use his ticket to get me a White Russian. Surprisingly, I didn't get too drunk there, although I feel drunk now, hours later. It was a good crowd and I got into conversations with all sorts. The best part was talking with Susan over book launch ideas -- she is a real party resource!

Tomorrow is probably going to be pretty busy. Coffee and possibly W. chat in the morning. Also got some minor client work. Afternoon I have all kinds of stuff I need/want to take care of related to my trip -- getting supplies like film, a digital recording device, etc. I'm also tempted to go out looking for a ceiling lamp again. I really need to be sure not to end up lazing around!

Sunday I'm going horseback riding for the first time in my life. Hooked up with a W. fan here in Atlanta (not Deb, but another fan) and offered to take me out. It'll be nice to be out in the country, I think :)

Life is exciting!
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NEW name issue

OK, so naturally I have lived my whole life with stupid things coming around surrounding my name, but today the guy at Kinko's managed to come up a new one. I was picking up an order and told him the name was Darling. So there he is, looking it up in the system, not finding it I guess, and asks me to spell it. I do, and he still can't find it so then he's like "And this is the last name?" Um... YEAH. Like damn, imagine being a woman with your FIRST name being Darling. Might as well be named Honey or Baby. Oh, well. I suspect this guy just hadn't had enough sleep; he said he was covering for like two people who didn't show up and normally doens't work weekends.
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Why they hell are wigs so cheap?

Not that I'm COMPLAINING, it's just like UNBELIEVABLE how cheap wigs are, considering their greatness. I mean, there is tacky EXPENSIVE stuff that people spend their money on, looks STUPID, but you can get a really nice (synthetic) wig for like $35-40 and it looks real, you can play with it, wear it to work, parties, theater, whatever.

Why am I saying all this? Well, I just paid a visit to the wig shop where I got my wig three years ago and I bought TWO more. I didn't mean to get two, but I just couldn't decide! They are both LONG and BLACK. I already knew the black would look good on me, since that's what my wig is and how I also had my hair dyed, but the long part works out too. One of them is bone-straight with bangs across -- very Akasha-like, to reference for you VC fans :) That one is really long, like to the small of my back! The other has more of a wave to it and bangs with an asymetrical part.

The wavy one looks really, really natural on me... I look at myself and think "Wow, this is how I might look if somebody else had grown up in my body." Or I think, "Whoah, I just woke up with a totally new me!" I love wigs, they are so dramatic, so easy. It's not a comittment, but when you wear them, you feel and look special. Sure, they're not for everyone since some people would feel very self-conscious about being seen, but hell, I'm a flaneur, it's not an issue when I do.

Incidentally, one reason I was looking for a long black wig is that for Halloween, I'm goint be a pirate (yes, Matey!) and I figured if I got a wig, I could use it for that. I'll use the wavy one, as the straight one is more serious and dramatic -- probably what I'm taking to Grissecon.

OH! And yes, pictures of wigs will be forthcoming sometime this weekend.
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