September 28th, 2003

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Windex fumes

I wonder if people who enjoy cleaning are actually quicker about it than people who loathe it. I ask this because it just took me like 3 hours to clean one room and it wasn't even that dirty. Just painful. And forget about the other rooms for now, I've had enough! Meantime, I'm anticpating going out horseback riding this afternoon. That should make me feel cleansed of this cleaning :)

Went on a shopping spree yesterday, which worked out great since yesterday morning I'd got a big reinbursement check from the neighborhood association. Got an MP3 player/recorder that is extremely compact and easy to use. Also picked up some CDs, including David Bowie's latest album, Reality and listening to it this morning, I'm quite impressed. It has the same bright sound as stuff like Young Americans, lots of bold backing back and rock. Aside from entertainment, got a whole ton of new underwear and bought a very pretty new ceiling lamp that was only $100. (And, have to say, wow, does Home Depot EXPO have good service, although you'd kind of expect that!)

After all that shopping, haad a pleasant evening with Caleb. He made a nice pasta dinner with yummy bread. He and I played with my new wigs :o) Daniel came over and played Nintendo while Caleb and I browsed Skyscraper Forum. After Daniel left I was making Caleb laugh, which is not that easy sometimes! I felt like having a drink then, so we stopped at Sidebar and I had some good rice and beans... with a White Russian. Caleb came over and checked out my ceiling lamp and then we got into a thing where he wanted to see me in some of the panties he'd bought for me in Germany. I never wear those things, they are just *not* my thing, but it was pretty worth it since he got to laughing so hard he was crying. Come to thing, I keeled over myself.
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Book musings

Well, it seems we have at least three people agreeing that if Breeding Discontent had a rating like movies do, it'd be Rated R. So basically, first novel M and I come up and it's Rated R "MPREG" (though tech. it's not). Jeez, my mom is proud of me but she hasn't read it then, has she? I'm glad I'm a confident person or I'd be riddled with anxiety. For now, I just know that what we've done is good, solid work and if it doesn't float everybody's boat, it's not because it's crap writing or something to be ashamed of, just people's tastes.

Oh, and in other book news (mostly saying this for M'd benefit), Gabby says the proof should come back from the press tomorrow so they can see how it's come off. Oh, and another thing, he told me last week I think, is that the book turned out to be 280 pages, at trade size. Pretty decent!
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