October 2nd, 2003


Parents can surprise you!

A couple months back, my mom told me she had picked up Wraiths of Will and Pleasure at our hometown library -- just because my name was in the acknowledgements. She said she had got it on loan and would have a look at it, even though it's not normally something she would ever read. I can't think of a single fantasy book my mom or dad have read and not even any science fiction. Plus Wraeththu would seem, well, a bit *much* for somebody like my mom, got a lot of sex and the first chapter is, well, *graphic*.

Well, just got this email from an apparently Storm-addicted Mom:

I am reading the Wraiths of Will and Pleasure and really like it. I
can't get any others from the library because they don't carry them.
I'm going to try the Boston Library.

Um, WHAT?!

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I will not obsesses over weight I will not obsesses over weight I will not obsesses over weight

So I am facing up to the fact that I have gained a bunch of weight I really, really shouldn't have. Also, my home scale is a piece of junk that misled me.

Anyway, that said, I went to see what my Body Mass Index would be now and whether I am "obese." Using a tool on I think the CDC web site, I found out it's 29, which is not quite "there," but close. I decided to check some other BMI calculators to see if the results would be standard.

Interestingly, I found one designed for kids. Because my height and weight were a big deal in my life I actually recall my exact height and weight at various ages. For example, when I had just turned 8 and was starting second grade, I measure 60 inches (5 ft) and weighed 100 pounds. According to the kiddie BMI, that indicates I was "at risk for becoming overweight." When I entered my numbers for sixth grade (6 ft. and like 155 pounds) it said I was overweight. This is a surprise to me, because I haven't grown any taller since then but weigh a LOT more. When I look at picture of myself from 10 years ago, I look lik some kind of very awkward stringbean. I wonder if BMI is really strict of kids or what. Just find it weird!

Wraeththu has a new fan?

So an update on the Mom-reading-Wraeththu situation:

She called tonight and after a long discussion of Breeding Discontent and Grissecon and my trip, I asked her about Wraiths. "How far have you read?" I asked. "Oh, I'm almost done now!" I told her was really surprised but she shrugged it off and was like "I don't normally read 'fantasy' but this is more of a story about characters." I asked her what she meant and she said it wasn't just long descriptions of art or landscapes, but had characters she could connect with. She said there were some bumpier spots towards the end where things speed up and there is a bit more "summary," but she said she still could follow it. She wants to understand more though, so she's planning to go to the Boston Public Library and get the Wraeththu omnibus. If she hasn't got it by the time she and Dad visit at the end of this month, I'll buy her a copy from Outwrite.

Who would ever think my mother would be actually enjoying this book? Not ME!!!! Then again, Mom is 67 and tends to spend most of our phone conversations quizzing me about Dreamweaver and webhosting and Perl stuff -- she's not your average grandma.
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Bestill my heart!

I am still SHOCKED by my mom liking that book.


Next somebody's going to prove to me that black is white.

(And no Hitchhiker's jokes here, please.)
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