October 4th, 2003

ice cream

Wendy as a cat

I soon as I saw versailles_rose's results and thought about doing it, I knew this would be the result. I could never been any ONE color!

tortoiseshell cat
You are a tortoiseshell or calico cat. Man, are you
nuts or what? You should try taking some
tranquilizers. Calm down, you hyper thing!
You've got a great personality though. You're
so lively and you are known for getting into

What color of cat are you?
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In addition, I think I would be a Maine Coon cat!!!!!
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This is going to be my last post for a WHILE since in a couple hours, I'm flying over to England for my two weeks of fun, Grissecon, tea, scones, shopping, book launching... Probably will have only very scattershot Internet access, but I might be able to check in once or twice, who knows.

Very, very busy week gone past. Last night I finally managed to get my hair coloring done. It was one of those deals where the stylist had to bail on my TWICE earlier this week and then he was LATE for last night so I got a huge "We're SO sorry deal!" Deal included: 1) Dinner at cafe next door "on the house"; 2) Only charged for "single-process" job even though I really had two; 3) 20% discount and (best of all) 4) when I get back to Atlanta I've got a "hot stone massage" (normally $140) with steam bath and sauna treatment waiting for me!!!!! (While waiting for stylist I had happened to ask woman at the desk what the stone thing was, just sort of dreaming of it, and heck, glad I did, now I get the luxo treatment free!) Anyway, about my hair... Anthony did NOT do what I had envisioned, which was fiery copper red splotches around my head, but he did make my hair look more *fiery* so now it's sort of reddish blond in the middle with all these white blond and golden lowlights. When I spike it up, it'll be very flamey!

Finished packing last night and what a struggle. It's hard to be a clotheshound going someplace where you're actually expected to dress up (Grissecon!). I ended up packing TWO bags -- the larger travel pack of normal clothes for the bulk of the trip, then a smaller suitcase of just con stuff, like my black velvet cape, patent leather shoes, other velvet items, makeup, jewelry. Also packed baggies of presents for the various people I'll be visiting with. And books. And other stuff. Had to keep throwing stuff and, telling myself "No!" and I was pretty strict about clothes, making myself only take one of each type (as opposed to 2 of the same skirt in two colors) and aside from con clothes, saying no to things I'd only wear once. I decided to leave my beautiful tall, high-heeled boots at home b/c they were *just* for the convention opening (I'm Mistress of Ceremonies) and took up too much room. I'm going to wear my high-healed Mary Janes instead and that'll make be 6'3" or so anyway, plenty enough to impress.

I guess I am just gabbering now, but oh, well. After doing last-minute stuff all morning and chatting online with madame_mercredi, who made me chilll out a bit, I went to coffee with Caleb. He got all sentimental and clingy on me, hugging me and saying how much he'll miss me. He also kept rattling off things I should buy him and gardens I need to visit. At the very least, he's going to get some dark chocolate and a copy of Sunday Sport ;)

Ah, well, guess this is goodbye for a while. Some of you reading this will be seeing me soon (hi Jess (Lenham), Bridgette, Ruby, et al!) others will have to wait for some pictures and reports to come in once I'm back on the 16th!

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