October 17th, 2003

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This weren't a good idea

It's 5:30 and I'm up. Was feeling OK about 10 minutes ago -- my hearing has come back at least. Thought I'd maybe stay up a bit before going to bed and yes, I guess I *will* go back to bed, because as soon as gravity came into play, the pain begins. Stupid headcold. Ugggggghhhh.

Also, it's WEIRD to look at a computer screen after so long, it's killing me actually.

Back to bed. Thanks to everybody who sent me well wishes.
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The Guardian hits bone on Bush administration

While over in England, I came across the following double book review, which basically amounts to a piercing analysis of just why it is that nobody seems to really believe the horrendous bad sh*t the bush administration has pulled.

Although it eventually gets a little dry and economics-related, there is a fundamental statement made here, regarding radical revolution, that made my brain click with a big "OMG, he's right!"

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You can also read the article (and/or link to it) at http://books.guardian.co.uk/review/
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Amusing Myself

Well, I feel a bit better. Diet Coke rulz! LOL. I seem to be gradually catching up on email, including this one from somebody at my work, in reply to my "sick note" email sent to the whole office:

Great to have you back! The office seemed a bit boring and ordinary without you. Hope all went well.

Aw, I was missed! Hurray!

Meantime due to this fever and whatnot, I'm not all there in the mental department, as demo'd by fact that five minutes ago, I stumbled towards my refridgerator to get some nourishment and said (out loud):

"Jeez, I have so many great books to read, I really just wish I could go curl up in my bed and eat them."

Um, OK, interesting image...
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Great Novels

So I sort of heard about this from watching BBC, but there's another one of those Top 100 novel lists going around. The Observer has done one that's actually pretty interesting b/c it includes a good range and even some children's books!

Anyway, naturally I had to go through the list and find out which ones I'd read -- turns out 13 of 100, actually what I expected.

The List

Background on the list

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