October 19th, 2003


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Have not done anything since 5 AM except read and, briefly tear myself away to write some email, shower and eat. This book, Ricardo Pinto's book... Gah! I think I will be posting less and when I resurface, there will be a book review.
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Reading Geekitude

I find it extremely amusing how Amazon works for me nowadays when I am both an author / editor and a reader / purchaser. I mean, I was on Amazon UK and decided I could check "I Own It" for Breeding Discontent. It then takes me to a page where it says "If you own this..." and it shows me the two Wraeththu books I edited! Lots of times I'll be on a page and every "You Might Like..." is something I in fact, do like (although Amazon UK has some different things that pop up).

Meantime, I am now *400* pages into The Chosen. And to think, I vowed last night how today was going to be so *productive*. Jeeeeeeez. The thing is, the book is like the biggest rush and even when I put it in my sock drawer to hide it, it callllllled to me.... it calllled!

Ugh, and there are so many OTHER books I have to read toooo! Like The Standing Dead (second book after Chosen), Left Hand of Darkness, Stranger in a Strange Land, Dark Cathedral and who knows what ELSE that's lurking on my bedside windowsill. This is going to be a fall of reading.
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