October 20th, 2003

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John Paul II

Caleb would/will KILL me for saying so (and pardon me if you disagree, it's not a personal thing)...

...but sometimes, like when I read this article from Alternet, I get really sickened by the fact that I actually bought a plaque of this man's face and had it hanging on the wall of my home (along with all kinds of other Catholic paraphenia Caleb collected heavily at the time). I mean, I even knew then the sorts of evil things this man had done or policies he'd enforced (particular with regards AIDS and gay people), but it was just kitschy, having him looking down at Caleb and I as we cooked.

And I'm not saying the man hasn't done and said some impressive stuff that I admire (read his bio) but overall, BLEEEECH! This article makes some interesting points about how much he has pulled the Catholic church back from where it had been headed. He and Dubya make such a pair.
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ice cream

My English Adventure, Part 1

If I hadn't gotten sick and then gotten so wrapped up in The Chosen, I would probably I have gotten to this sooner, but now finally, here is a recounting of my trip to England, or at least Part 1. (Going to do this in chunks acc. to where I was, who I was with.)

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Homes from Above

Following marchenland's lead, playing with Terraserver, here's a pic comparing the place I grew up and where I live now:

Andover, MA
Our house is right about where the image split, to the right of the center, between the two light globs, which are islands.

A few comments: The area to the top left of the picture is the "Sandpits" where I spent a huge amount of my time as a kid and as a teenager, tearing around with my dog acting out fantasies and running wild. As far as any of nasty cul-de-sacs you see in the pic (zoom out to see MANY more), although it's true my own street is only from like 1972, I grew up watching all the OTHER places get built, all much, much nastier than my own street. They started building when I was around 7, haven't stopped. It is almost impossible for me to venture into the Sandpits anymore, as they're hedged in my development.

Downtown Atlanta, GA
Yep, that does look like Downtown, huh? My building can be identified thus: Look at the park in the lower left. To the left is a triangular block with bunches of little buildings on it (the Muse's apts.); my building, The Healey, is on the next block over, a long, skinny box rimmed in white, showing white.

Comments: This is an old shot (1993) but I guess not too much has changed building-wise, although much has change with the neighborhood.

Thanks, Madelyn, for giving me this idea. I've done stuff with Terraserver before and looked up ALL the places I've lived, but never posted it. It's so cool!
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Well, it's a start

Breeding Discontent has only been on Amazon.com a few days. And until today it had no sales rank, meaning there were no or very darn few sales. But now suddenly, it's got a sales rank of... 2,509,756!

Well, like I said, it's a start :)
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