October 21st, 2003

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Queer Eye

Sometimes Caleb is just SO gay...

Caleb (on mobile phone): ...Well, I'm going into Outwrite [gay bookstore/cafe] to get a bagel right now. Oh... God, they've painted it red, this looks terrible, I've got to go!"
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Surprisingly Day @ Work

Today has been a good day at work!

I started out kind of stressed because our new half-time employee is starting and it's up to me to do all the training and then basically manage the person all this fall. I was nervous about handling things right and also about whether we'd get along or whether the woman was going to be difficult or think I was weird. Well, as it turns out, almost as soon as I met the woman, I liked her a lot. She's very warm and personable, has a good attitude, and obviously is very bright and hard-working. She has none of the annoying properties of somebody like, well, the woman who hired her, a.k.a. my supervisor on maternity leave. Yay! I did my duty with her all day, introducing her to everybody, giving her the office tour, getting her set-up with paperwork and account set-up, taking her to the HR building. I also sat down with her to do a sort of informal orientation session about GTRI and our department. Afterward I was kind of talked out and hungry, so I suggested we go out to lunch. I was thrilled with the fact that the woman was willing and happy with WALKING there (instead of being like Tonette or others and insisting we must drive) and once we were out, we really seemed to get on. She READS and has a jewelry-making business and isn't all scared of the city (even though she lives in Duluth). I was just psyched really! We had a long lunch and got back only to step into the start of a fire alarm. We waited through that until we realized my boss could sign her badge request form and then she could do that part of the paperwork. She went bye-bye and I got to be alone again. I was alone for a couple of hours and in the meantime arranged for her computer to be set-up for tomorrow. She left around 4 and I just had such a good feeling.

Another nice work thing was learning something about one of my co-workers. Our administrative assistant Ellen tends to be very quiet and off to herself, unless you're dealing with her. Well, today I found out why. She was coming by my desk and I remarked to her how I thought I was going to get along with Shelley. I told her how I find so many people annoying, especially when they talk a lot and I strongly disagree with their opinions (e.g. my boss Tonette, on maternity leave.) This really brought Ellen out and darn if she wasn't telling me how much she disagrees with our boss Tom, who she spends about 3/4 of her time supporting. Apparently outside of work she can't bear to talk about anything with him, as they are so opposite. I would never have guessed! I told her how Tonette would make my blood boil sometimes. It gets better though! A couple minutes after going back to her desk, quiet Ellen comes back to my desk and says "You know on a related note..." and tells me how one reason she clamps her mouth shut so much is because of the conservative atmosphere in this office! She tells me how she's an atheist and is really bothered by all the "right wing conservative Christian extremists" in the office. Oh, and she's against the war in Iraq! I would *never* have guessed this at all! I opened up and told her how Angela had told me to read the "Left Behind" books and how a lot of the religious folks here would just DIE if they knew some stuff about me. He he. Soon she and I were sharing secrets like we'd formed our own two-person Underground movement.

Other GOOD work experiences today include talking to several people about England -- even got our two English employees going on a 1/2 hour nostalgia fest about English treats. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
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