October 24th, 2003


15 on a 1-10 Scale of Cute

marchenland has posted the cutest ferret pictures!!!!! It's even got a Halloween theme.

Speaking of ferrets, anybody else watch "Beastmaster"... and know where to find fanfic for it? (I personally would write silly slash stores but somebody probably is doing serious ones.) That show CRACKS ME UP so much! I wish I could be that chick with the backwards feet for Halloween, but walking around naked with green spraypaint and leaves sounds a bit uncomfortable, not to mention my feet having to get switched.

P.S. I'm not drunk, not even drinking. I'm just PUNCHY!
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Some may disagree but...

If I were the parents of this kids, I'd say TO HELL WITH PUBLIC SCHOOL!

Girl expelled for fictionary story in her private diary

Jeezus H. Christ! There are TOO many things wrong with this. Like, what, the girl isn't allowed to express herself in private? She can't write stories that strike too close to home? And is she the ONLY kid whose even had fantasies (personal or in fiction) of killing teachers or doing violence on their peers? I think NOT! In my opinion, even if the girl had written this story for an English class and shared it, the school would be out of line to expel her. Perhaps if the story were a first person essay that specifically threatened a teacher who clearly was real, OK, yes, I see that as a THREAT, but writing something fictional? Exqueeze-me?! I totally want to heave the Atlanta paper a letter about this, since it IS in Atlanta and I just LOVE writing letters...

In a related note (though not totally comparable, since the reactions in question seem more reasonable:

20 years ago, when I was in third grade, I wrote a story about a girl discovering two of her teachers were having an affair. It included a scene with her finding secret love notes they'd written on toilet paper and left in the bathrooms, plus another of them being caught kissing in a broomcloset. My parents were called in about their daughters "inapprpropriate" story. Also that year, I wrote a story about a girl whose mother disapproves of the girl's new boyfriend because the boy's father had raped her. It escalates into a scene where the rapist breaks out of prison, highjacks a TV station, threatens the mother during a newcast, then manages to bust into their house, kill the mother and rip out her heart. My teachers were... concerned about me, he he. But I swear, I was NOT a maniac! I would never have done those things
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Book Recs

Caleb poses this question, help me to answer him:

"If you like... Giorgio you'll LOVE Primo. What would comparables be for H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells and Jules Verne?"

So can somebody help him out. He likes weird late 19th century / earth 20th century stories and novels. Fanciful, disturbing, elaborate invention, fake governments or mythologies... Strange books for a strange man.
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