October 26th, 2003

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Never odd or even.

While we're sleeping, our minds can do amazing things. I've dreamt books into being, written music, created movies in my dreams. Well, tonight I was having crazy dreams related to Ricardo Pinto's books and just before I woke up, I was dreaming in palindromes -- long ones! Don't know if I really was or if my brain only thought I was.
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Good Day, Not Much Sunshine

Today has been nice.

This morning I wrote a long letter to Ricardo Pinto about the experience of reading his books and some writer type things.

Around lunchtime Caleb called about maybe going grocery shopping at Market One. I said I needed a shower. By the time I got out of the shower and dressed, the next bus had just left, so Caleb suggested biking. Seeing as it was kind of cool and misting out, I was against the idea (as I reminded him many time subsequently) but finally went along with it. We had a decent ride in and had finished up most of our shopping when we noticed it was POURING outside! Man, and it just poured and poured. We procrastinated about leaving the store for around 20 minutes, then when the rain seemed to have dropped off a bit, we checked out and started out. I have nylon bike shopping bag thing built into my bike as well as a backpack, so I could carry it all but it was pouring BAD when we left to take the PATH home.

Caleb at first had an idea of us biking to Inman Park station and taking the train the rest of the way, but by the time we reached the turn, I said "We're totally soaked to the skin, we are NOT going to get dry by biking to the train, not will we dry on the train trip." So we biked the whole way home. I'm glad I was wearing all black and not white or it'd have been a wet T-shirt contest. My sneakers filled up with water as my socks soaked and dripped down. We were just SO wet! After a while, it was GREAT though. Strangely, I didn't feel I was struggling as much as I usually do -- my legs felt so strong, I didn't have my "asthma" (or "I'm so outta shape!") attacks or anything. I got home totally, TOTALLY soaked but feeling great. I had to leave my bike in the hall b/c I worried about the water on the wood floor. I threw my shoes and clothes into the bathroom and then checked through my food. I was afraid it'd have gotten all wet but even the cookies were OK -- they're all wrapped in plastic inside their boxes. So FUN TRIP!

Other good stuff today includes fact my house is still reasonably clean, I got done work for a client and Daniel made good pasta for dinner. Also, listened to my 3 Cruxshadows CDs for much of afternoon and evening and I really really like them, they feed my passions. Oh, and I got a reply from Ricardo Pinto and wrote him back again.

About the only crap thing that happened was during my visit to Daniel's when he and Caleb happened to be watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Collapse )
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